Friday, December 7, 2012

Try A New Author for 99 cents

This week only Shackled and Unbreakable are only 99 cents on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  As a relatively new author, I know you may not have read my work yet, so I ask my publisher if we could do a 99 cent week to give you a chance to try out my work for CHEAP! Here’s a little snippet from Shackled:

“As I focus on taking one Breath at a time, the pounding of our footsteps on the damp pavement reminds me of a wildly beating heart and I find myself coming back again and again to one thought. How did I get in this mess? Then with sickening clarity, I remember. Oh, yeah, I was the new kid.”

Unbreakable Love is a light guardian angel story. Here's a little quip:
“Come back to me, Jennie” he pled, raw anguish seeping from his words.
Jennie could feel that sensation again, it felt far away but stronger this time. Waves of light and contentment rolled through her like a healing balm. Suddenly she became conscious of air moving through her lungs where they had been empty before. It hurt; every breath stung. Then all at once, her senses began to focus in on his hand connecting to hers, sending those unspeakable sensations. Her eyes felt heavy and she had force them open by sheer will. Every message coming from her brain screamed open your eyes. They fluttered and then she was trying to focus, trying to handle the overwhelming light coming from the pool and overhead deck…at least until he bent over her fragile body and then she saw his face above her, terrified. 
Nate grabbed an oversized towel from a lawn chair and wrapped Jennie in it taking care not to touch her skin again. He was already afraid he would be taken off her case because of his carelessness, yet he did not regret his choice. He would never regret it. Effortlessly, he scooped her up and carried her out to the car.

Here the links for both books and Goodreads for more reviews.

Barnes and Noble 

I hope you enjoy your super low risk, wonderfully cheap chance to read this suspenseful novel. Most of all, I hope you are having a great Christmas season!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Problem With Me and Christmas Trees

I love, love, love Christmas time. I love the Frenzied shopping and the fact that you can hear Christmas carols on the radio.  I love that people put up a tacky blow up Santa next to an elaborate Nativity scene.  I love the cookies and the parties and all the other chaos that leads up to that one spectacular day. The Christmas season is the ultimate drama, with a predictably sweet ending.

I enjoy Christmas so much that I’ve been known to crack out the Christmas decorations the day after Halloween.  Gasp! Yes, I am one of those people. This being said, I do have one thing about Christmas that gives me trouble.  My Christmas tree is huge and unmanageable and cries out for my attention like some half-finished painting sitting in an artist’s basement! I find that no matter how many ornaments I buy, or what kind of ribbon I use, there is always a bald spot, or the ornaments aren’t placed quite right. Much like me, my tree seems to be a never-ending work in progress and therefore drives me crazy.  Will my tree ever be perfect? Probably not and neither will Christmas. Still, somehow, when I come down the stairs and my husband or kids have already turned on the hundreds of lights that weave through my twelve foot, semi realistic looking tree, I feel a charge of simple happiness. I hope that despite life’s imperfections, you are having a great Christmas season. Thanks for stopping by. Be sure to enter my giveaway for a 500 followers hope to connect with you again soon!



Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Anniversary and 500 follower Giveaway!!!!

 It is my one-year anniversary! One year ago today, Unbreakable Love(my first novel) was officially published. Wahoo! Last week, I hit 500 followers on Twitter. Double Wahoo!! This year has been a wild ride. I’ve met so many awesome bloggers and fellow lovers of the written word. My already full life swelled with new friends and experiences making it crazy amazing. Now it is time to celebrate and I’ve decided to start the party by giving away one copy of each of my books Unbreakable Love and Shackled. If you win, you choose, digital or signed book!  I’ll leave a few links so you read reviews and see which book you’d like….then leave me a comment(be sure to tell me which book you prefer) and an email so I can get back to you.  You can also enter just by sending a quick email to
Here are the links:

and just for fun here is the trailer for Shackled

The giveaway will run until DECEMBER 21ST, 2012

Thanks to everyone who has made my immersion into the world of published writing so great. I hope to meet many more brilliant book lovers like you and continue to write and publish until I’m too old to see the text on the computer!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

ESPN, Football players and's not what you think!

In a world dominated by a twenty-four hour news cycle and any information you might want at your fingertips through the internet, it seems like bad news is always in our faces. After awhile, I wonder does it change the way we see the world.  Are we more trepidations, fearful or maybe disappointed.

In reality, ordinary people do truly amazing and positive things….and not just in times of crisis.  Recently, I stumbled across a story of a group of high school football players who came at bullying from a totally different angle, and a changed a disabled girl’s life along the way. For my blog this week, I wanted to highlight the article and the idea that promoting positive stories...I believe, would make a difference in not just how we feel, but how we see the world around us.
The article is short but well worth the read and most of all, when the new reports the next batch of murders and drug dealers, you’ll know there is also still good in our world!  


Monday, October 29, 2012

Could the Toothfairy Really be a Man?

I want to tell you about the great tooth fairy debacle of 2012.  This great injustice just happened to take place at my house and I admit my follies, only because people everywhere, particularly overworked and tired parents will appreciate what I am about to describe.
It all started out so innocently.  My nine year old daughter lost a tooth. The next day the dentist redid the wiring on her braces and handed her the small white baby tooth, smiling as he informed her that teeth with a bracket attached are worth extra money from the tooth fairy. Easy for him to say, he’s not paying for the bracket. On the way home, my daughter examined the tooth, prattling on about how she wished she could show her friends the next day.  That night, my daughter placed her tooth on the dresser next to her bed and went to bed dreaming what she would do with her upcoming windfall of cash.
Here’s what happened next.
Morning #1. My daughter approaches me and says, ”The tooth fairy never came last night,”
I scramble for an excuse coming up with the less than brilliant, “Wow, she must have known you wanted to show your friends and gave you an extra day.”  I wonder if lies about fictitious magical beings count as lies since they are lies about a lie. I hope so because some bigger ones were coming.
Morning #2.  My daughter comes in, her forehead scrunched in confusion and says, “She still didn’t come.” I know exactly who “she” is and while silently berating myself say, “Are you sure it was visible enough?” My daughter is smart, but maybe she thought the tooth fairy wasn’t the brightest fairy in the forest so she went and smoothed out the clear bag that held her tooth and moved any books or lip gloss that might confuse the tooth fairy-making her tooth painfully obvious.
Day #3  She didn’t even come into my room in the morning. Instead, just before bed, while I am tucking her in, she looks at the tooth skeptically and then climbs under her covers. I leave the room willing myself to remember to go back after she is asleep. 
Day 4 She wakes to an untouched tooth but by then, I’m already onto the days lists of task and have long forgotten.
Yes, at this point, I realized, I totally suck!
That night I walk into her room and find my daughter frantically searching all around her dresser. “What are you looking for,” I ask.  “My tooth,” my daughter answers. The tooth really is gone but I know my husband and I did not take it and we most certainly did not leave any money.
Now my daughter thinks the tooth fairy is a rogue tooth bandit, taking the goods but leaving nothing in return.
Scrambling again, I tell my daughter I need something from my room. As I walk through the master bedroom I call out in an unnaturally loud voice, “Honey, did you pick up some money in Ainsley’s room , maybe on the floor. She can’t find her tooth fairy money,”
Oh yeah, I wasn’t going down alone.
Now sucked into the pit of lies, overly loud, he responds,” I did, the cats knocked some money from her dresser onto the floor so I picked it up.” 
I know, blaming on the cats…we’d hit a new low.
Now he’s moving fast to get to his wallet before she busts us. He breezes by me with two dollars. I stop him, “better make it three,” I say thinking about all the pain we’ve caused her.  Several minutes later I go in her room and listen as she recounts the elaborate story her dad told her about cats and money and it’s all I can do to keep a straight face.
After my daughter is settled into her bed, just before I go to leave, she turns and sleepily asks, “Is it possible that the tooth fairy is a man?”
I pause for a minute, wondering why she asks this. Does she think men are more disorganized, forgetful, or maybe a man tooth fairy got distracted by a football game?  I’ll never know, but being big on avoiding gender stereotyping in our house I answer, “anything is possible honey,” With that, she turns over and drifts off to sleep and finally, the great tooth fairy disaster has come to an end.

Sunday, October 21, 2012


Hi, I’m Kate, Jennie’s little sister from the book Unbreakable Love.  I’m not your typical twelve year old girl.  I do check out Jennie’s dates when they come to pick her up.  I guess that’s pretty normal, and I do think her new best friend Nate is totally gorgeous and that’s normal too…but, my parents tell me that I am unusual in a specific way.  I love politics!  I love our American government and someday, I am going to be a senator or even the first woman president of the United States.  I’ll make laws and travel the world.  I’ll cast my vote. It’ll be amazing!!!!  
It’s an election year and I’m still a kid so I can’t vote but I want to give you three reasons why I think you should get involved in the political process.
 First, we need really smart people running our country!  The whole world watches the U.S. and if we have stupid people as our leaders, we all look stupid.  Besides, what if my future husband is a totally hot French guy. How will I get him to take me seriously if we have an idiot for a president? 
Secondly, we have a lot of problems.  Big ones like people starving and kids failing in school and stuff that’s even worse.   We need leaders that actually want to make our lives better.  We need smart and brave people that aren’t afraid to tackle hard problems and we need them now. 
The third reason is that the founding fathers knew that when American people put their voices together, they become more powerful than any one leader. They wanted to put the power, in the people’s hands.  I know, I just took a test on the constitution of the United States in social studies and got an A for awesome, by the way.  Yes, the founding fathers were rich old men and had egos the size of California, but they were also wise and knew if we chose good men to lead our country, our freedom would be protected and the United States would be great.      
So, I totally hope I gave you some reasons to get involved in politics. I hear my mom and dad talk about the candidates for President and I know they worry that the next one won’t be good enough, but then I remind them, at least we get to choose.  Thanks for listening and just you watch, in a few years, it’ll be my name on the ballet.  See ya!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Will Our Twitter Feeds be the History Books of Tomorrow?

I have been using Twitter for about a year now. I think the twitterverse is a fascinating place and  I’m always stunned at what a person can convey in 140 characters or less. Twitter gives new significance to less is more.  Here is some real tweets that I found interesting.

People do business-IndieAuthor, are you looking to promote your tweets? Use these hashtags and other indies will Retweet you! #BYNR and #authorRT

Tweeps pass on tidbits of wisdom-Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.-Aristotle #quote #wisdom

Tweeps think out loud, just because they can-Marcie @2readornot2read

I should go to bed.

Tweeps share their faith-Kimberly Jones@RealTalkKim

The only reason God is taking so long with you is because He has something absolutely extraordinary, unique, and amazing for you!

Tweeps support each other-Ally Condie@allycondie

Have been traveling, so this news is a bit late, but readers, you did it! MATCHED just REACHED (ha!) one YEAR on the NYT paperback list!!!

@allycondie Congratulations! I'm so happy for you! It's such a great book- you deserve it!:-)

Tweeps even delve into their political views, which of course, is even scarier than talking about their faith- Tera Lynn Childs@teralynnchilds

What?! Bill Clinton was at a rally in Vegas yesterday and I missed it?! So sad. :(
I know these are just a few examples, but I was impressed by the intensity and intimacy of them. It doesn’t take many characters to reveal a lot about yourself and the world around you.  This got me thinking. With every character, are we
leaving footprints, like the dinosaurs of old.  Are we creating our daily history as individuals and people in general.  So, here’s a funny question. What if, in a hundred years, they didn’t learn about us in text books, but by reading our twitter feeds. Who would they think we were? What would they think we did with our time? What would they think we valued? Wouldn’t that be crazy! So is Twitter just random quips and banter? I don’t think so. I think it is one of our records. I think it is a digital footprint in our history leaving an indelible impression on us now, and in future generations.  Lucky me, I get to part of it. How about you, do you agree? Leave me a comment. I’d love to hear from youJ



Friday, October 5, 2012

A Few Valuable Lessons from Pride and Prejudice

Recently, I watched Pride and Prejudice for the first time. I have tried reading the book, but found it hard to get past the old English, so I decided to watch the movie first to help me navigate the storyline better when I tried reading again. I do admit that I LOVED IT and am now numbered among the many who call this enchanting novel, their favorite. I know many of you feel the same, so just for fun I wrote a blog all about what we can take from Pride and Prejudice. Enjoy.

Lesson #

1.    When you see a hot guy, that’s kinda grouchy, don’t assume he is rude.  Maybe he is on his way to blind date with some socially awkward, less than completely attractive girl his grandmother met in the grocery store and set him up with. We all know what trouble a bad set up can cause.


2.    A good mom should be a busybody, anxiously engaged in the cause of finding the right man for their daughter.


3.    Everyone daughter should a dad as wonderful as Mr. Bennett!


4.    Put enough girls in one house and the walls will actually pulsate from the giggling.


5.    And finally, if a gorgeous rich guy says “I love you, ardently!” Don’t tear his head off. Instead try…”You had me at hello.”


Monday, October 1, 2012

Ten Perks to being Sick

I write this post on great authority. I have been flat-on-the-bed-sick for the last eight days and in an effort to find good in a bad situation, I wrote Ten Perks to Being Sick Enjoy!

1.       You finally get caught up on all those movies you have wanted to see.

2.       If you are a mom, your kids ignore you while are sleeping and actually go to their dad to ask for things.

3.       You can eat whatever your stomach “wants”

4.       Taking a shower is a feat, so no one expects you to do your hair or makeup, which gives you at least another hour for direly missed sleep. Notice there are no pictures attached to this postJ

5.       All those deadlines, that would people said would end the world if they weren’t met, come and go, and somehow the world keeps spinning

6.       Your kids finally find their own shoes.

7.       Your husband finally finds the kitchen

8.       You turn off your alarm clock

9.       Your family develops a new appreciate for what you do each day

10.    You breath in and out and appreciate the ability to get up in the morning.


I hope you don’t, but if you face sickness this year, you can find a few positives stuck in the middle of horrible experienceJ

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Help me name character "A" and win!

Character A.

it is the first official week of the Help Me Name my character and win contest. Read more about the details here....
So without further adeui, here is the first character description...

Character "A" is a strong willed 17 years old girl just getting ready to start her senior year in High School in Western Washington. Raised by nannies in a mansion overlooking Lake Washington, she grew up with getting everything money could buy but not a lot of attention from her socialite parents.  She’s had a top notch private school education but isn’t into getting good grades mostly just to drive her parents crazy.  In her teens, she has unlimited funds but is repulsed by the wealthy lifestyle and usually sports  ripped up jeans and second hand sweatshirts.  On most days, you can find her with her unruly caramel colored hair pulled up into a careless ponytail and if you are close enough you can see the tiny flecks of brown in her otherwise green eyes.  she has spent years in private karate lessons and knows how to protect herself. The one thing She doesn’t do well is allow herself to be vulnerable or open to anyone. 

Help me name this complicated character and win! Remember to leave the name suggestion in the comments and your email so I can get back to youJ

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Help Me Name my Characters and win!

Hi friends and passionate readers! For the last several weeks, I have been outlining my first series and spending lots of time doing research! I am planning on three books. The working title of the first book will be AGLOW and I’m taking a stab at the supernatural.

If you didn’t know, up until now I’ve only written stand alone stories, which has been so fun, by the way. Now, I’m ready roll up my proverbial sleeves and get messy, I’m talking multiple books, awesome characters and an epic struggle of good vs. evil with a twist.

Here’s the thing. I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, to have your help, so I’m holding a NAME THAT CHARACTER CONTEST.

Here’s how it’s going to work.

I will need six names for six main characters and I know you, collectively, are going to know so many unique and interesting names. That’s why I need you! Plus we can have some fun!!

On Sunday, for the next six weeks, I will post the personality profile and maybe a sample picture for those of you who are visual like me on my blog. I will leave the post up for one week.  

To enter the contest, leave a suggested name and an email address in the comments below the post so I can get back to you. If your suggested name for the character is chosen (by me because I have to live with this character for three books), you will win either a digital or hard copy (your choice) of either Shackled or Unbreakable Love…or if you want to wait, a first addition of AGLOW.

I’ll leave links so you can check out reviews for the two books that are already out.   

No matter what, I will choose at least two names for use but I might use up to six. Which book would you like to win? Please feel free to enter every week and I’m so excited partner up with you in choosing character namesJ



Thursday, September 6, 2012

Here it is, the new cover for Unbreakable Love! What do you think? Leave me a comment:) To learn more about me or my books go to or
Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

But the guy is hot, why Change the Cover for Unbreakable Love?

Unbreakable Love was my first published book, the first child, you know the one you make all your mistakes on and then call it learning. Well, the cover for Unbreakable Love was just that, a learning experience.
When the cover guy first put together the original cover, I didn’t hate it. In fact, I probably spent a good five or ten minutes drooling over the guy on the front of the cover, but that is a totally separate blog post. No, I liked the original cover, but I still felt that it didn’t capture the essence of this sweet, romantic story.  
For anyone reading this that may not know, Unbreakable Love is the story of a good hearted but imperfect guardian angel (Nate) who must save Jennie’s life and must do so without touching her! Unfortunately, Jenny, who has been hurt by an ex, is weary of Nate and his intentions. From that premise, Nate and Jennie’s story unfolds. Unbreakable Love is a light read that will leave you believing in love and destiny and maybe even angels.
So why change the cover of Unbreakable Love, because Nate and Jennie’s story needs to represented by the tenderness and vulnerability that is uniquely theirs.  I believe the cover that will be revealed on September 6th does a much better job of capturing Nate and Jennie’s Concrete, Undeniable and most of all Unbreakable Love.
Hope to see you on the 6th for the cover reveal. Until then, thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Born Bookish: Giveaway: Shackled by Angela Carling

Born Bookish: Giveaway: Shackled by Angela Carling: Today is the third and final day of Shackled Weekend!  Looking back, Friday- I shared my review of Shackled Saturday- Featured an...

Monday, August 27, 2012

The Perfect Candidate For President of the United States

I’ve long since held that the office of President of the United States of America is by far one of the most challenging jobs in the world. You have to be everything to everyone. You   must be an expert in every culture and language, a brilliant economist and public speaker and list goes on. No matter what you do, someone isn’t happy. If something goes wrong, it is your fault.  How is one person supposed to be qualified to handle a job this difficult?
They must be prequalified, able to hit the ground running, fearless and ready to handle anything. Knowing how important the presidency is, should we choose a brilliant orator, or a successful business man, an idealist, or common every day Joe? 
I would like to propose a different kind of candidate, one who is already trained to handle long hours, a diversity of tasks, and a never ending stream of criticism. This candidate is also a seasoned economist and flawless negotiator.  This candidate is any half decent mom with a few years of experience under her belt.
Think about it.  A mom lives within a tight budget and still manages to have some left over to handle any crisis that might arise. She can take a room full of squabbling kids and get them to agree on TV programming, menu’s and other such important issues.
Imagine what she could do with a divided congress, especially if she fed them first.   A mom has already dealt with foreign affairs and power hungry tyrants every time she’s volunteered for the PTO. Somehow, she manages all of this and without the aid of hired advisors and Czars. 
Moms are not only effective; they are a force to be reckoned with.  One glare sent over Skype to a foreign leader and they wouldn’t dare think of challenging the United States. And what about military decisions you might ask?  Moms are approached daily to decide what is fair and who is at fault, most importantly, Moms always know when you are lying. Imagine how handy that skill would be when working with foreign leaders and lobbyists. When Iran tells us they are only building those odd shaped factories to create low cost power, a mom wouldn’t have to waste good money on intelligence Intel, she’d just know.
I could go on forever about the qualifications of a mom, but more than likely, you’ve had one of your own and I don’t need to continue. You know mom is that one that keeps things running smoothly, the finder of all lost articles and keeper of schedules. 
Men please don’t be offended. You’ve done a great job, but now it’s time to let a real professional take over.  Come November 6, 2012, when you go to the poles, take that pen and write in MOM for President. She’ll have the United States of America whipped back into shape in no time.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

How to Spice up the DMV and Get the Government Out of Debt at the Same Time.

Today  I spent two hours in the Department of Motor Vehicles with my sixteen year old son.  All the usual suspects were sitting around waiting their turn, the nervous teenager, the little old lady that has to sit on phone books to see over the dash, the middle aged business woman with a blue tooth in her ear. Over the loudspeaker, numbers droned on, now serving A084, now serving AO84 and so on and so on.

The whole experience was so government. No wonder the government is in the middle of a financial crisis, they run their business as if they enjoy torturing people and wasting money.  Then it hit me, the government has a budget crisis and I have a solution to help them. Why not take the captive audience of the DMV and use them to make money.  Here are a few simple ideas.

1.      For a fee, provide a full body massage while they wait for their number to be called. If well received, facials could added later.

2.      For a flat rate or quarters, create a game room where frustrated customers could play games like Grand Theft Auto, or Need for Speed (as an example of what not to do, of course)

3.       Have a small bookstore where patrons could purchase books. After school, maybe provide a story time for little Jonny while his mom pays for her 100’s of dollars in parking fines.

4.      Play number bingo using the next in line ticket numbers. Every person gets a card when they walk through the door. If they get bingo, their fees are paid for by the state. The bingo cards are laminated and reusable. A bin will be placed by each exit to drop the bingo cards off as you leave much like 3d glasses at a movie theater.

5.      Place a spinning karaoke stage in the middle of the floor. Use the TVs normally used for giving safety driving tips to display the words of the song in case the audience wants to join in. Charge by the song. Plus, if someone is really bad, there will the added benefit of clearing the place out so employees can go home early.

6.      Put in a nail and hair salon. Customers can get their hair done, getting cut or colored between windows and they will feel a lot more relaxed.

7.      Finally, provide a bar and grill charging the outrageous prices usually found in stadiums and movie theaters. If patrons drink too much and then get in their cars to drive, police officer’s can be stationed just outside the DMV to catch them making further money on fines in addition to taking a potential menace off the roads.

So there they are-my ideas to improve your DMV experience and make the government money. If in ten years (that’s how long it will take to get through red tape) you go into a DMV and find a karaoke stage and a bar, you’ll know…well you’ll know I’ve been involvedJ

Monday, August 13, 2012

Why I have Chandelier Envy

First off, I must explain that I live in Arizona. It’s a desert. For anyone who might not already know this, Arizona has two seasons, warm and boiling. I am a firm believer that when the bible speaks of sending people to a burning hell, it is in fact alluding to the fact that the bad people of this world will eventually be sent to Arizona in the summer with no air conditioning!!
You get the point.
So the other day I was sitting at my counter, sweating despite the fact that the overhead fan was working its little fan guts out to give me some relief when I was struck by a question. How many fans do I have in my house? Out of curiosity or a total inability to stay focused on what I was writing, I took a little stroll through the house and counted fans. Twenty. I counted twenty fans currently being used on a daily basis. I started realizing there were big ones overhead and small ones on tables.  High one and low ones, white ones and red ones. It was like a bad Dr. Suess fan story.  I was embarrassed to discover that I had three, count them three fans in the bathroom because there is nothing worse than your makeup melting off as you’re putting it on (true story). 
I even have a overhead fan in the bedroom I’ve given the name Bob, which isn’t that weird considering I name frogs that we find in the pool Bob. However, Bob, in this case stands for B-BIG O-OLD B-BLOWER because Bob is the biggest size fan you can buy (70 inch blade!!). BOB ROCKS, but it is a little awkward when my husband asks me to turn on Bob just before we lay down to go to bed, mostly because I’m not that kind of girl!
So after counting all my fans, and sweating as I did so, I had a terrifying thought. I’m doomed to having fans as light fixtures for the rest of my life. Some of you might say, so what. Some of you that are practical like my husband would take function over beauty any day. Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for my little spinning friends, but just once I would love to look up and see a chandelier dangling down sending little shards of light this way and that- Or I’d take a big old sixties style bamboo light casting a soft glow on my kitchen table. I’d even be thrilled with an old meter lamp like my dad used to have next to the bedside. Anything fun and funky, because for some reason lighting is my thing and while IKEA may provide me with choices my hot climate does not. Do I appreciate my fans, I do, but now you know why I dream of chandelier’s I’ll never have. The question I leave you with is what quirky thing you live with in your house and what do dream of changing?

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ten Things An Olympian Might Be Thinking About Just Before They Compete

Now before I go any further, I have to be clear about one thing. I think anyone who makes it to the Olympics is a rock star , a true champion and competitor and I both respect and envy them.  However, tonight, I had a little fun writing my post. So here it is.

Ten Things An Olympian Might Be Thinking About Just Before They Compete.

1.     A swimmer- Look at my body, I work out…I’m sexy and I know it.

2.     A gymnast-  I wonder if they can see my sparkle hairspray in the nosebleed section?

3.     A discus thrower-  Oh no, I feel a sneeze coming on.

4.     A badminton player-  See, I told you badminton was a real sport.

5.     A rowing captain- Row, Row, Row, your boat, “Why can’t I get that *&$^# song out of my head?

6.     A ping-pong player- Forrest Gump would be so proud.

7.     A Golf player- I hope I don’t hit a bird with my ball again, those nature freaks got so upset last time.

8.     A Javelin thrower- Waiting for my event to start makes me so mad that I just want to throw something!

9.     Hammer dude- I hope they don’t figure out that I’m really Thor, that would really blow my cover


10.                A Soccer player- I wonder if they can fit the whole team on the front of the Wheaties Box. I want to be in the front?