Monday, July 31, 2017

Big News From the Writing Cave

You might ask...what's been going in the writing cave to keep me from posting for so long?  

Well,  I’ve been writing like crazy, completing two books, Five Days, Five Kisses and now I’m excited to announce that I am done writing the eagerly awaited third book in the Secret Keeper series.  The concluding book to this paranormal drama is called Under The Broken Sky!
In this book, several new characters are introduced including Agni, a man who is forced to live on an island for ten years with Belakane(the enchantress who created the Secret Keeper curse....and you can read her story in Belakane, the prequel for the series) 

I want to tell you about Agni tonight, because his love for Belakane changes everything in the final book. Of course, we follow Winter and Liam and their latest struggles because of the Curse and I don’t want to say too much, except to tell you that things get very intense for them, and Liam surprises us in this book with a good twist. 

Belakane might look like this: 

In the spirit of the old TV show, Bewitched, Belakane is fair and blond and her cat, Sprite, is pure white is kept alive by the witches power. For you animal lovers, here is Sprite (which by the way is an old name, not just soda)

And finally, I want to introduce to you Agni. At a hateful period of Belakane’s existence, she abducted him a punching bag for her anger and took him to an island created entirely by her magic and cloaked from the world. It was in this dismal environment, that Agni, over many years changed Belakane’s view of mortals.  Here is what I picture Agni to look like. Yeah, he’s a cookie!
 The publication date for this book is late September, early October just in time for Halloween and I'm so excited to share the final chapter of this incredible story that has changed the way I look at secrets. Watch for snippets in the next few weeks and a cover reveal. If you haven't started the series yet, several of the books are only .99! buy here

Thanks for stopping by and, may you never need a secret keeper!