Sunday, April 30, 2017

A shout out to cover artists!

While this is not an "official" update, I'm so excited to tell you that Five Days Five Kisses is finished and in the hands of Beta readers! A shout out to my beta readers. Your feedback is the best!
Anyway, I'll be giving you a planned publication date soon and more sneak peeks into the new Five Day Series! Love those girls and can't wait to share their story.

Until then, I wanted to highlight the power of the cover artist and in this blog, one talented artist in particular! She works under the name of Drop Dead Designs.  A few months ago I started looking for the right cover or cover artist to create my third book in the Secret Keeper series. I found a talented young lady and while I can't show you the completed cover, I want to show you the template she sent for us to use for book three, Under The Broken Sky.
I love it and I'm so excited to post the final product in a few months. Here's a couple more covers that she created.

Yep, she's pretty amazing and I know there are many more like her and I'm so glad because my talent is with words, and without cover artists my stories would be incomplete. Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Long over due update # 6

If good intentions were money, I am pretty sure we would all be rich:) I'm a little behind on my updates, but I'm here now and want to catch you guys up on my writing progress and little about why I haven't been posting for a few weeks. First off, my dad got married at 74 years old. It was a beautiful ceremony and a reminder that love can grow at any age! Also it's been keeping me busy. I've been sneaking in writing wherever I can and biggest news of all, I picked up the third Secret Keeper book again and have written nearly 12,000 words over the last few weeks. 

Why have I not finished Five Days, Five Kisses you might ask. Simply put, the inspiration struck to work on my final book of the Secret Keeper series when the first book, The Secret Keeper won two awards from the Paranormal Romance Guild. Yeah, Awesome! Thanks guys!

I'm at 33,000 words right now and excited to announce that three new characters will be introduced in this book. The title will be Under the Broken Sky. I'm SO EXCITED to share it with you. This suspenseful paranormal trilogy is fast becoming one of my favorite books to work on. As for Five Days, Five Kisses, I'm still planning  on finishing and publishing this year. Should be fun to see how it all works out. Until then, I hope your book boyfriends are hot and life treats you well. Thanks for stopping by. 

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May You Never Need a Secret Keeper.