Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Blog Tour Awesomeness!

Whew,we made it through the first week of the kick-off blog tour for BECOMING BRYN!  Is it over? Are we done? NO WAY!!! WE'RE JUST GETTING STARTED.

Starting next week, July 28th we get another awesome week of international stops to celebrate Jesse and Bryn, their lives, loves, and disasters.  Of course, there will be lots of giveaways, reviews & fun posts to check out so come along a play as we launch the second week of the BECOMING BRYN blog tour. 

Sunday July 28th bookmystress  http://thebookmystress.blogspot.com/

Tuesday July 30th wrathsqueen http://wrathsqueensbooks.blogspot.com/

Wednesday July 31st abookvacation http://bookvacations.wordpress.com/

Thursday August 1st alifeboundbybooks http://alifeboundbybooks.blogspot.com/

Friday August 2nd thereadingdiaries http://www.thereadingdiaries.com/

Saturday August 3rd  Simona http://simella23.wordpress.com/

 See you soon!!!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Announcing the kick off blog tour for BECOMING BRYN!

YIPEE! It's time to start the official kick off blog tour for BECOMING BRYN. Here's what people are already saying about Becoming Bryn.

“...Carling is able to do what most can’t. Create growth through death. Allowing Bryn the opportunity to see the aftermath of her untimely departure adds depth ... She is no longer focused on herself, therefore she gets to see the WHOLE picture. What people thought about her. How they react when she’s not looking. She also gets to see her sister clearly, for the first time. Separately these qualities fall flat, but throw them in a pot and stir it up, and you get a genuinely absorbing plot...
In the end I can honestly say I was shocked. A story I had almost given up on morphed into a butterfly, leading me along a beautiful path of self-discovering and appreciation. It took envy and flipped it on it’s head, illustrating the dirty business “trading places” in a truly unique way.”
As YA fiction, I think that Angela Carling does a wonderful job of showing teens that just because you think someone has a better life than you it doesn't mean that in reality they do. We all face struggles and wishing for a different life doesn't mean it will be a BETTER life. This was a good read with an important message and I absolutely enjoyed it and recommend it. ”.
- Why Girls Are Weird

The tour will run a full two weeks (with a week break in between)  with lots bloggers, reviews, an outtake, an interview with a mom of twins and most fun of all...lots of chances to win a copy of Becoming Bryn!!!

Here's the schedule. Hope you can stop by and celebrate the launch of this pink-o-licious, sisters, family and true love!

Monday July 15th- kindleobsessed http://www.kindleobsessed.com/

Tuesday July 16th Imabookshark http://www.imabookshark.com/

Wednesday July 17th memyshelfandI http://www.memyshelfandi.com/

Thursday July 18th myguiltyobsession http://myguiltyobsession.blogspot.com/

Friday July 19th imareadernotawriter http://www.iamareader.com/

Saturday July 20th Avery Olive http://averyolive.blogspot.com/

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Ten things I experienced in the big apple that were so very “New York”

About a month ago, I spent a few days in New York City, after having received an invitation to the IBPA’s annual Benjamin Franklin Awards as a nominee for my second book Shackled.  I’d never been to New York before and I wanted to share with you ten things I experienced that were so very “New York.”

1.      A car accident between a UPS driver and a cab driver and all the colorful language that you would expect in New York City with such an event.

2.      A woman wearing clothes entirely too tight for her size being cuffed and arrested  right there in the theater district.

3.      A guy welding a broken pipe showing off at least a half a moon and I’m not talking about the one in the sky.

4.      Thousands of people all with the same glazed expression staring up at the moving ads in time square.

5.      Standing in the middle of my hotel lobby and listening to everyone talk but no one speaking English.


6.      SMELLS ! Everything from cigarette smoke to body odor to the pungent scent of strips of raw meat grilling on carts of street vendors.

7.      Sirens blaring through the streets both day and night like an angry city lullaby.

8.      Locals toting their groceries on their backs and their babies on their fronts in slings on their way back to their apartments.

9.      Graffiti….on the inside of the bathroom door….inside a Chinese food restaurant…and I was grateful it was written in another language.

10.  And finally, a woman standing next to the name of someone she loved at the World Trade Center  Memorial remembering and weeping for her loss on Memorial Day.


Oh and I saw some other cool things like the statue of Liberty and the empire state building tooJ 

All and all, I had a great trip and enjoyed the awards ceremony for the Benjamin Franklin Awards. I ate delicious food and took home a silver award that I can gleefully tack on every copy of Shackled sold now proclaiming it as an award-winning book.   Have you ever been to New York, and if so, what was the strangest thing you experienced?