Thursday, October 24, 2019

Can a setting be a character?

Hi all! December is barrelling toward us too fast! And in December I will releasing Traxx, book 1. Today, I want to tell you a little about the setting for Traxx because it is truly unique!

The Traxx society blossomed in what was the United States following a world-wide pandemic. There are lots of post-pandemic books out there, but I wanted to do something different, to avoid the typical repressive regime that we often see in Dystopian novels. The result, families and individuals living in homes hooked to track, relocating every eight weeks to a new place.

In short, a society with no foundation, literally.

The other big thing about the Traxx society that is unique is Back to Basics. It's a philosophy they live by. This means no phones, no internet, and no social media of any kind.

Crazy huh? Now here are some of the upsides; crime is rare. Racism is disappearing because every eight weeks, you relocate to new community and start over. Education is available to everyone, Medical help is always close by and won't bankrupt you.

And how did all these earth shattering changes come about after the Pandemic? The new Government of course, The Benevolent Eleven, led by the visionary Jonathon Flint. But more on him later.

So the answer to the question can a setting be a character is absolutely, yes, and in the case of Traxx, I think it is.

If this story is interesting to you, let me know. I'm giving away five copies in the month of November before it is available to buy on Amazon! Thanks for dropping by. Come back soon, because the next post should be the big cover reveal! Bye for now.