Saturday, March 14, 2015

A Chance to Say Goodbye

Earlier this week I learned that the publisher of my first three books unexpectedly died. She was the first one to see potential in my writing and the first to take me all the way from I-think-I'll-try-my-hand-at-writing to published author.  
In my blog today, even though she can't hear me, I want to say to Karen Gray, thank you.  

Karen was one of those people that created a small publishing company from nothing and learned the business through hands on trial and error. She was a terrible business women and her office looked like a paper factory had exploded and settled haphazardly around her desk. Often, she was stubborn always thinking her way was right and and sometimes she made me crazy. But she believed in me and dozens of others and she loved seeing our ideas become the printed word.  Most of all, without her faith in me and industry know how, I would be a published author and all that means to me. 

So again, to Karen and all those like her that are still out there making publishing a reality for young authors who otherwise wouldn't get a chance, thank you and may God bless your family and those who feel the giant hole in their lives in your absence. 

You Will Be Missed.