Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Cover reveal for Shackled and announcement

Hi, I'm Author Angela Carling and I'm excited today to tell you Shackled. This book, Shackled has an amazing  story, one that pushed me to write this important and suspenseful story. Today I'm excited to share the new cover and make a big announcement! Shackled, originally written as stand-alone story will stand-alone no longer!  I've already begun work on part two of this truly emotional story inspired by my sister's own real-life struggle. The new book will be called RELEASED! If you've read Shackled and ever wondered what happened to Ryan, Released will change everything!

Before I can get Shackled on sale Thursday and Friday December 15-16 for .99 super cheap cents Here on Amazon 
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Shackled is also on Kindle Unlimited, so read for free if you are part of that!  

When people read Shackled, they have a strong reactions one way or the other. Here's what they are saying....

"I can't remember the last time I read a book in one afternoon, but once I started reading, I couldn't stop!"

"I was impressed by how Angela Carling tackled such a sensitive topic. You experience Lucy's emotions with her, including her struggles when she starts to notice Ryan's behavior changing. This is my favorite aspect of this novel. In such novels you more than often feel for the character but you do not always feel what they feel, as if you are that character. I also loved how she developed Lucy's relationship with Mason. If only all those in Lucy's situation had a Mason."

"Read this book! And then read it with your sons and daughters. Make this very important subject part of what your family discusses."
Yay! It is time for the the blurb and, a little about Shackled, and best of all, the new cover created by the talent Kaelen Carling.

After shy, quiet Lucy and her family move from their small hometown in Minnesota to Seattle, Washington, she is surprised when Ryan, the most popular boy at school asks her out. Soon, she is swept up in a whirlwind romance and her na├»ve and trusting nature allows her to fall head over heels in love with her too-good-to-be suitor. Suddenly, Lucy finds herself enraptured by the excitement of her new relationship, leaving her blinded to the warning signs of danger ahead. Can her fairy tale romance last, or will she find that her prince charming is more like a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
 Want a little more. Here's an excerpt from the first chapter of Shackled. Happy Reading and most of all, Happy Holidays to each of you. I hope they are the best!

If you’d asked me about my life a year ago, I would’ve told you it was boring, white-bread, middle-class-peanut-butter-and-jelly-sandwich-in-my-pink-polka-dot-lunch-bag-every-day boring. That was before everything changed. That was before I met him. So, here I am a year later, on the floor of some stranger’s parked car, trying not to breathe for fear of being discovered. The inside of the car reeks of day old fast food and dirty feet, but I don’t dare raise my head, even for cleaner air. Instead, I wait for the headlights to fill the cracks where the doors hinges leave tiny fissures in the metal, letting small bits of light through. I know the light is coming from his headlights and when the light passes over me, there will be a brief window of opportunity I can use to escape and run for my life.Finally, after I hear the distinctive ping of his diesel engine, and his precious cherry red Mercedes passes me, I carefully open the door and climb out of the backseat as noiselessly as possible. My eyes dart nervously, taking in my surroundings. The long, orderly, suburban street looks quiet. All the houses are black, with the exception of a few scattered televisions sending pulsing light out into the night. Now is my chance. Mason is only ten houses away and he has the tools to free me from this hellish nightmare. He knows my anguish. Tonight he will be my white knight.keeping low to stay in the shadows, I begin to move as quickly as I can down the street. I can see Mason’s house now. My skin starts to prickle with anticipation. Adrenaline is coursing through my veins and has been for several hours. I stand up, making myself taller than the car for the first time all night. Suddenly, I realize how sore my back is and a little yelp escapes my mouth as my vertebrae complain at their mistreatment. My guard is down for ten seconds, and somehow, from some invisible hiding place, a dark figure emerges and grabs me from behind. It happens so fast that I don’t even yell. All that comes out is a small murmur, not even enough to rouse the sleeping dogs. I feel his arms wrap around me like a strait jacket and I thrash wildly, made more powerful by my fear.Still, his strength trumps mine and he holds me tight.“It’s okay, Lucyloo,” he coos in my ear. “I got ya.” He knows I don’t want to be held. His words are coming from some demented place from within him, some place that he kept hidden from me when we first met. For a second, I rest, letting him believe that I am giving up. I need the time to think. No one is coming for me. He made sure of that. The worst part is that I let him. I even defended him when my friends warned me and then eventually left me, growing tired of my excuses. I watched him lull my parents, creating a persona that they could trust. Heck, I believed him too. He looked the part—clean-cut, good grades, well spoken. Everything my parents wanted for me. His words were just right and his beautiful blue eyes were like quick-sand, pulling me in, deceiving me without giving away the danger. Now I‘m in knee deep, covered in the toxic lies of his trap. I am like an insect, tangled in his sticky web of deceit, but I still have one last trick up my sleeve. I know his ego is huge, and his need to feel control consumes his every waking thought. At least I finally understand this now.Taking a breath, I force my rigid body to seem relaxed. I lay my head back against his chest and let him feel my hair against his neck. He always liked that. He didn’t let go, but his stance loosened just the tiniest bit. “You got me,” I purr as I lie against him. “How did you know I wanted you to get me?”


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Saturday, December 10, 2016

A Unique coloring book and guest post

I hope everyone is having a lovely holiday season. I'm excited to welcome a fellow author to my blog today. She's an amazing author and is sharing one of her more unique projects with us today. Take it away, Annie:)

More than just a coloring book, this inspirational activity book will help you relax, unwind, and enjoy some creative fun while hiding God’s Word in your heart. 
The 35 separate verses and passages are printed in colorable word art with decorative borders, blank on the back to make them easier to remove and frame or display, if desired. Each one is accompanied by two different activities or puzzles featuring the verse or key words from it. 

Hide it in Your Heart is an ideal Scripture memorization aid for Christian schools, homeschool programs, Sunday schools, or your own personal use. Children and adults will enjoy learning, practicing, and meditating on these artistically presented verses from the New International Version Bible. 

Proceeds from the sale of Hide it In Your Heart will be donated to to help provide a translation of God’s Word for a particular people group in East Asia who do not yet have the Bible in their own language.

Here are a few sample coloring and activity pages from Hide it In Your Heart. If you'd like to color them or complete the word puzzles, click here to access a PDF that you can download and print.


Hide it In Your Heart is available in paperback on Amazon. Click here to order your copy for $8.99. 
HOWEVER, you can get it for 15% off if you order it here on CreateSpace with coupon code JZBVVBH8The code can be used an unlimited number of times and will not expire, so feel free to order as many copies as you like for family and friends. Hide it In Your Heart makes a great gift for anyone who enjoys word puzzles, coloring, or God's word! 
You're welcome to share the code with others, too.
Happy coloring!

About the Author:

Annie Douglass Lima spent most of her childhood in Kenya and later graduated from Biola University in Southern California. She and her husband Floyd currently live in Taiwan, where she teaches fifth grade at Morrison Academy. She has been writing poetry, short stories, and novels since her childhood, and to date has published thirteen books (two YA action and adventure novels, four fantasies, a puppet script, five anthologies of her students’ poetry, and a Scripture coloring and activity book). Besides writing, her hobbies include reading (especially fantasy and science fiction), scrapbooking, and international travel.

Connect with Annie Douglass Lima online:

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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Blog tour stop for Janette Rallison!

Hudson Brown stopped believing in magic long ago. That is, until the day he is whisked away to the magical land of Logos by a curious compass given to him by his off-beat neighbor, Charlotte.

Hudson discovers that Logos is a land ruled by words, thoughts, and memories. A fairy might ferry you across the river for the price of one memory. But be sure to look out for snarky unicorns, as they will see through those who are not pure of heart.

Not understanding the many rules of Logos, Hudson is quickly saddled with a troll curse. Charlotte, who, along with her father, was banished from Logos, can help get rid of the curse--but only if he agrees to find the lost Princess of Logos in return.


Connect with the Author here: 
~ Goodreads ~ Website ~
 ~ Amazon ~

Janette Rallison/ CJ Hill writes books because writing is much more fun than cleaning bathrooms.  Her avoidance of housework has led her to writing 26 novels that have sold over 1,000,000 print copies and have been on many reading and state lists. Her books are fantasy, sci-fi, and romantic comedy because hey, there is enough angst in real life, but there’s a drastic shortage of humor, romance and hot guys who fight dragons. She lives in Arizona with her husband, kids, and enough cats to classify her as eccentric. 

And now for a little excerpt...enjoy:)

Hudson heard another low, rumbling noise, this time directly over his shoulder. He wouldn’t become troll dinner without a fight. He spun around, swinging his arm as he did. His fist didn’t connect with anything. The noise hadn’t been a troll. Two unicorns stood on the path behind him, their heads lifted too high to be hit by the arc of his swing. Hudson let out another startled scream. He was getting quite good at those. He put his hand to his chest and sat back down on the ground, too relieved and surprised to speak.
One unicorn was a gray color— not the gray of rocks or dirty sidewalks. It was the soft gray of morning mist. The other unicorn was the tawny brown of glistening honey. The gray unicorn took a step back and turned to the unicorn beside him.
“Did you see that, Nigel? That human tried to strike me.”
“Most uncivil,” the tawny unicorn agreed. Both spoke with a sort of British- sounding accent.
Hudson got to his feet, gaping at them. “You can talk?”
The gray unicorn tossed his mane, warily keeping an eye on Hudson. He still spoke only to the other unicorn. “What sort of incantation do you suppose the boy was performing on the road a moment ago?”
The tawny unicorn leaned his head toward his companion. “I don’t think that was an incantation. It sounded distinctly like cursing to me.”
“He was cursing the road?” the gray unicorn asked. “Most barbaric.”
 “You don’t understand,” Hudson said, still so surprised that it was hard to think straight. He held up the compass for them to see. “I accidentally flipped the knob off the compass because, well, I heard you grunting and I thought you were going to eat me or something—”

The unicorns let out a simultaneous “Hmmph!” and turned back toward each other. In a lowered voice, the tawny unicorn said, “All those who vote that the human boy is impure of heart, raise their horn.” The gray unicorn immediately raised his head so his horn stood straight up. The tawny unicorn lifted his head, as well. “Impure it is, then.”
They trotted around Hudson, noses twitching. It was only when the unicorns declared Hudson to be impure that he remembered Bonnie’s insistence that unicorns helped travelers who were pure in heart.
“Wait!” Hudson turned and walked after them. “I’ve got a pure heart. Really, I do!” He hurried to catch up. He had to convince them that he was good. Otherwise, he had no idea how to get home.
 The unicorns didn’t stop. As they continued down the path, the gray one glanced over his shoulder. “It’s following us now.”
“Don’t make eye contact with it, Cecil. That just encourages them.”
At that, the unicorns went from trot to canter. Hudson ran, plodding uselessly after them. “Come back!” he called. “I’m pure!” They swished their tails to shoo him off and galloped away, disappearing as they went around a twist in the path.

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