Sunday, October 30, 2011

My tech support

I want to tell you about my support staff.  They include my webpage  and blog designer, my twitter specialist and my all around tech support guy who does everything else that I have no idea how to do myself. Who is this highly trained and brilliant staff.?  My amazing family.  My husband, Mr. Multi-talented and super smart has worked tirelessly to help me get ready for the publishing of my first book by creating and teaching me how to manage my webpage and blog, and for his time and patience, I am so grateful.  He is the half of me that I never knew I was missing and I would be lost without him.  Then there is my two equally as brilliant sons who manuver their way around the computer and internet like it's child's play.  I am shamefully envious of their talent and learn from them constantly.  I also want to mention my daugter.  Even though she only eight years old, she is a tough editor and quick to find inconsistancies in my work.  I would love to post a picture of this crew, but I also have to be careful and respect their privacy.  This is the internet after all. So next time you see my blog or web page you'll know how lucky I am.  I hope your family is as cool as mine.  Thanks for visiting.

Saturday, October 22, 2011


This has been a busy week.  We are within a couple weeks of the first copies of Ubreakable Love hitting the bookshelfs, or digital bookshelves more accurately.  I am so excited for you to meet Nate and Jenny, Celeste and everyone else that makes this an amazing love story.  My editor and I are choosing the finishing touches on the cover and then I will do a cover reveal both on the blog and on twitter. I hope you like it.  I can't wait to share it with you. 

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The charms of a small town

I love small towns!  This is our cabin nestled in a quiet neighborhood of a town with the grand population of 3,000 give or take a few people.  For the last few days I have been here, writing and eating.  I dont' know why but it seems like all we do is eat when we go to the cabin.  We made pizza, we roasted Starbursts....yes I said starbursts.  It is delicous, but I digress-again. Like most small towns, this unnamed town is the most charming place on earth.  Not that I have anything against big cities.  Big cities offer tons to do and see but nowhere but a small town can you go into the store and make friends with the clerk that is helping you out. For example, one day I went into buy some paint from the local hardware store.  Of course in small towns everything is smaller.  It's like someone took home depot and turned it into a shrinky dink and then placed on the main road with the other six miniture businesses.  So I give the guy behind the counter my paint chip and while he's mixing the paint, we start to chat.  Before long, he confesses that he is color blind.  Now remember this is the guy mixing my paint.  I also learned that he's our neighbor and dutifully feeds all the feral cats in the neighborhood, among other tidbits about his life.  All this while my paint(who knows what color it will end up) is mixing.  Only in a small town, where trust is given out like candy on Halloween and strangers become friends in one conversation.  Let's face it, people in small towns are their own kind of quirky and wonderful at the same time, but who are we to talk. Up there in the White Mountains they call us folks that live in the big cities.....wait for it....citiets(city-ets) you know, like idiots, but with a c.  It''s all right, I still love them.  Just a sidenote, I worked on my second book like crazy up there. Shackled, is moving along and I am so excited to share it with you. 

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Hi ya'll,

Yes, that is a cat, my Aria to be specific, in a stroller.  Let me tell you, she is quite a conversion piece. When we bought the pet stroller my husband told us with one roll of his eyes that we (my kids and I) were crazy. Aria loves to go on walks so much that she will sit, without it zipped up, for hours. Who's crazy now.  OK, we still are, but it is so fun to watch her little radar ears and her big owl-like eyes with every new sight and sound.  I don't recommend this for all cat owners, only those who have a dog-like cat like Aria.  Hope you enjoy.  I'd love to hear about your amazing cat or doggie.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Nate and Jenny

Let me confess to you.  I am a new blogger, unviolated by experience, and clueless in my own right.  That being said, I wrote the book, Unbreakable Love(as I mentioned in my first blog) and now, suddenly I am a blogger and worse than that I am a bloggee, running around reading other people's blogs.  Is blogee even a word?  What am I saying, this is the internet, we make up words whenever we want.  I digress.  The point is, I think I am starting to get the hang of this blogging thing and I know what I want to write about tonight. I want to tell you about the main characters in my upcoming book. Nate and Jenny are their names.  For the past year, these two people have been floating around in my head and now, even before the book is in print, I want to tell you a little about them.
Nate is a guardian angel with a serious inability to follow the rules.  He's not rebellious, he's pragmatic, sometimes accomplishing his mission despite the rules.Oh and by the way, he's surfer gorgeous, complete with subleached hair and tan skin.  I figured if I get to create an angel, why not!  Nate is the book character that you can't help but fall in love with.  He is the one, that you lay awake at night and think about, because even when he makes mistakes, he's still worth the trouble. 
Jenny, the girl he is sent to protect, (I don't want to give too much away because their is all kinds of surprises in this story) is the girl next door.  She has long chestnut brown  hair, repleat with ringlets and is a sweetheart.  Her life is stable, with a loving family and a quick witted best friend named Marissa.  The only betrayal or intense heartache Jennie has ever experienced was when her first love, Jace, cheated on her, destroying her trust in the opposite sex.  When Nate comes into her life, she  is wounded and fiercely protective of her vulnerable heart. 
Now that I have told you a little about Nate and Jenny, what do you think will happen next?   I want to tell you, I really do, but what would be the fun in that.  Maybe next time I'll tell you about Celeste.  Just learningf about her will want to make you go out and buy some junk food.  Until next time...