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A YA Summer Freebie!

Firstly, I would like to thank Angela for having me on her blog today! I’m here to promote Mages of Vane, which is currently free until July 28th over on Amazon. Mages of Vane is the second book in the Phoenix Element series. However, it can be read as a standalone title. Normality Twisted being the first book in the series.

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Mages of Vane takes place at a magic school where our hero, Anya, is taking classes more or less against her will. In order to protect her friends and family, Anya sought out the mages of Vane to free her body from a powerful, and corrupt entity. The entity known as Ashima isn’t the only being corrupt at Vane. Soon Anya must battle Blood Mages, and her own conflictive thoughts in order to keep the school from crumbling down.

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Now on to the Q and A!

What was the most awkward dating situation you’ve ever found yourself in and have you ever used it in your writing?  

Can’t say that I have had that come up. There was an instance of spilled milk, literary, but nothing to make your jaw drop. I do use real world situations in my work, taking elements from different events in my own personal life and fitting them into the story. 

In interviews, authors are often asked what made them start writing. I think the real question is what keeps you writing even in a competitive environment like the publishing industry? 

I love my characters. They are a part of me and I want their story told. It wouldn’t be fair to them if I stopped their adventure right dab in the middle. And I do love to escape into my writing as well, so that is a plus. 

What is your favorite animal, the one that turns you into a big pile of mush when you see them?

I love animals! I have two cats and a dog myself. Pets and animals in general know how to make me feel better after a rough day. My favorite cat is the ocelot, which I finally saw at the Seattle Zoo a few years ago. I did a little jump of joy when I saw him. Then you have otters, red pandas, chinchillas, and of course cats and dogs.  

What place in the world makes you feel like all is right in your universe and do you go there often?  

This might sound silly and a little strange, but when I listen to music with my headphones on, late at night, I feel like I am transported elsewhere. It is also one of the best times for me to come up with ideas and scenes for my books. As for a physical place, I’ve only been there once: Mt. Rainier in Washington. The sights and the sounds of that area are truly majestic. I’ve lived near the beach my entire life, but seeing mountains, and that close, really struck a chord within me.

Finally, what story or storyteller has literally changed your life and how it affects you?  

Recently I discovered Critical Role. This is a show on Geek and Sundry where voice actors play Dungeons and Dragons. Their dungeon master, also known as the DM, Matthew Mercer, is a fantastic storyteller. By watching, I’ve gained some useful tips for my own stories, be it for my books, or for my own D&D adventure.

Once again, thank you for hosting me and thank you to the readers who took the time out to read what I had to say. I hope that you will download Mages of Vane and that you’ll enjoy it as much as I did writing it.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

A YA Summer & An Awesome sale

Hi all! I'm a few days late posting for the latest YA summer author but am still super excited to turn my blog over to the talented Tara Ellis and let her tell you all about a sale she's running on her fabulous YA boxed set! Take it away Tara.

For a limited time, you can have the box set for under a dollar!
July 15th - 22nd

An alien plague. A sixteen-year-old girl. A fight to save the world.

The Forgotten Origins Trilogy is a fast-paced young adult sci-fi story, centered around sixteen-year-old Alex. What starts as a rare meteor shower ends up unleashing a viral plague that changes everything. Led into the mountains of the Pacific Northwest by cryptic clues left from her deceased father, Alex discovers that the past is not what she learned in school. When the human race balances on the brink of extinction, the fate of the world rests on the truth being exposed. To unravel the ancient secrets, Alex must rely on her friends, family and few allies. The Forgotten Origins is an epic saga, drawing the reader into a fascinating, frightening world where the unfolding drama will keep you riveted until the last page is turned.

The Forgotten Origins crosses many genres including science fiction, dystopian, fantasy, and supernatural. It is also a clean read! (PG-13)

[The series has a combined 78 reviews with a 4.6 average rating!]

Author Tara Ellis lives in a small, rural town in Washington State, set in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. She enjoys the quiet lifestyle with her husband, two teenage kids and several dogs. Tara was a firefighter/EMT, and worked in the medical field for many years, before committing herself to writing young adult and middle grade novels full-time. 

She grew up on sci-fi, was a devoted Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica fan, and has since found a love for conspiracy theories. This background, combined with a wild imagination has led to The Forgotten Origins Trilogy. The first book in the series, Infected, was a finalist in the IAN 2015 Book of the Year Awards, was awarded Honorable Mention in the 2015 Reader's Favorite Book Awards, named 'Indie Book of the Day in Oct, 2014' and voted as 'Top 50 Indie Books of 2014'. (

Her on-going middle grade mystery series, The Samantha Wolf Mysteries, has hit the best seller status on Amazon in the children's detective story genre several times, and continues to grow in popularity. The engaging, fun stories herald back to the days of Nancy Drew and Trixie Beldon, and several readers have commented that the series is of the same caliber. These are clean reads that are suitable for the whole family to read together, and are also part of the Kindle Unlimited program.

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Sunday, July 10, 2016

A YA Summer- Karin De Havin

Hi All! I hope everyone had a great 4th of July weekend! I'm excited to get back to our fabulous YA summer where I'm celebrating and sharing Young Adult authors all summer long! Today I'm hosting author Karin De Havin and her books. She's sent over all kinds of information and I'm going to let you read all about her then you can go check out her work and see if it will be your next summer read! I know that's where I'm headed:)

Title: The Girl Chameleon Episode One

Author: Karin De Havin

Publisher: 9 Yards Publishing

Genre: Contemporary, Young Adult, Romance


Jen is a seventeen-year old girl who gets average grades and has a boring normal life except for one thingshe is a human chameleon.

She can transform herself into any inanimate object she touches. An ability she’s hidden from everyone, especially her parents. After all she is just an average girl so no one would believe she could do something so extraordinary. That is until she meets Ainsley, a handsome artist at a gallery showing. His painting are so beautiful and lifelike Jen wants to jump inside them and become one with the fantastical worlds. When they go out to dinner after the gallery opening, Jen senses there is something special about Ainsley too. He has a secret just like hers.

They’d make the perfect coupleif only his secret wouldn’t kill her


Excerpt From The Girl Chameleon Episode One…

Speeding through the air, my wings flash a kaleidoscope of colors as they pulse across the bedroom. I make a sharp turn and bank toward the bay window. My momentum quickly fades and I land gently on the carpet. I haven't learned to master transforming into a real bird yet so I have to satisfy my curiosity about flight by turning into a plastic toy instead. Kit, my five-year-old baby brother, giggles with delight as he pulls the rubber band back and launches me into the air again.
The blissful feeling of flight is cut short when I hear Mom calling my name. “Jennifer, get your butt down here right now. You’re going to make Kit late for kindergarten.”
Mom hollers again and I concentrate on the floor. First, my feet pop up, then my arms and legs. A warm sensation spreads through my limbs as blood pumps through my veins once again. It’s a feeling I’ve experienced since my first transformation into a teddy bear at the age of four.

About the Author

Karin De Havin writes Young Adult fantasies as well as Paranormal Romance stories from her timber frame home in the Pacific Northwest. She lives with a pair of tuxedo cats that like to help her write by jumping on the keyboard, and her pianist husband who occasionally is known to wear a tuxedo and tinker with the keyboard too. 

Contact: Karin De Havin

Here’s the links to the episode.

The second episode just went live too

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