Sunday, July 10, 2016

A YA Summer- Karin De Havin

Hi All! I hope everyone had a great 4th of July weekend! I'm excited to get back to our fabulous YA summer where I'm celebrating and sharing Young Adult authors all summer long! Today I'm hosting author Karin De Havin and her books. She's sent over all kinds of information and I'm going to let you read all about her then you can go check out her work and see if it will be your next summer read! I know that's where I'm headed:)

Title: The Girl Chameleon Episode One

Author: Karin De Havin

Publisher: 9 Yards Publishing

Genre: Contemporary, Young Adult, Romance


Jen is a seventeen-year old girl who gets average grades and has a boring normal life except for one thingshe is a human chameleon.

She can transform herself into any inanimate object she touches. An ability she’s hidden from everyone, especially her parents. After all she is just an average girl so no one would believe she could do something so extraordinary. That is until she meets Ainsley, a handsome artist at a gallery showing. His painting are so beautiful and lifelike Jen wants to jump inside them and become one with the fantastical worlds. When they go out to dinner after the gallery opening, Jen senses there is something special about Ainsley too. He has a secret just like hers.

They’d make the perfect coupleif only his secret wouldn’t kill her


Excerpt From The Girl Chameleon Episode One…

Speeding through the air, my wings flash a kaleidoscope of colors as they pulse across the bedroom. I make a sharp turn and bank toward the bay window. My momentum quickly fades and I land gently on the carpet. I haven't learned to master transforming into a real bird yet so I have to satisfy my curiosity about flight by turning into a plastic toy instead. Kit, my five-year-old baby brother, giggles with delight as he pulls the rubber band back and launches me into the air again.
The blissful feeling of flight is cut short when I hear Mom calling my name. “Jennifer, get your butt down here right now. You’re going to make Kit late for kindergarten.”
Mom hollers again and I concentrate on the floor. First, my feet pop up, then my arms and legs. A warm sensation spreads through my limbs as blood pumps through my veins once again. It’s a feeling I’ve experienced since my first transformation into a teddy bear at the age of four.

About the Author

Karin De Havin writes Young Adult fantasies as well as Paranormal Romance stories from her timber frame home in the Pacific Northwest. She lives with a pair of tuxedo cats that like to help her write by jumping on the keyboard, and her pianist husband who occasionally is known to wear a tuxedo and tinker with the keyboard too. 

Contact: Karin De Havin

Here’s the links to the episode.

The second episode just went live too

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