Friday, November 8, 2019

The big Cover Reveal for Traxx!

It's here, cover reveal day and I am so excited! Creating the Traxx cover was unlike any cover I've designed or commissioned before. Traxx is not a story that fits nicely in a box and I wanted to be brave and let the cover show the uniqueness, the societal changes and the sense of movement, but I also wanted to keep it minimalist. Since the Traxx way of life is also dominated by a concept called Back to Basics, and their propaganda produced by the government smacks of nostalgia, and going back to a simpler time, I wanted that idea to be reflected in the cover. I spent hours coming over book covers and posters from the 1950's and took the simple color palette from that era and style. It's all very Mad Men you know:) Also, pay attention to that symbol in the middle. It's important and will reappear often in the series. 

Traxx book 1 will be available to read in Kindle, Nook, Itunes, and Kobo on December 1st, so grab your copy and check out this truly unique Dystopian story. And, now that I've told you the why behind the design, here it is...

   I hope you all like it, and don't forget to stop back soon. I'll be giving away books and holding a contest very soon!