Tuesday, September 4, 2012

But the guy is hot, why Change the Cover for Unbreakable Love?

Unbreakable Love was my first published book, the first child, you know the one you make all your mistakes on and then call it learning. Well, the cover for Unbreakable Love was just that, a learning experience.
When the cover guy first put together the original cover, I didn’t hate it. In fact, I probably spent a good five or ten minutes drooling over the guy on the front of the cover, but that is a totally separate blog post. No, I liked the original cover, but I still felt that it didn’t capture the essence of this sweet, romantic story.  
For anyone reading this that may not know, Unbreakable Love is the story of a good hearted but imperfect guardian angel (Nate) who must save Jennie’s life and must do so without touching her! Unfortunately, Jenny, who has been hurt by an ex, is weary of Nate and his intentions. From that premise, Nate and Jennie’s story unfolds. Unbreakable Love is a light read that will leave you believing in love and destiny and maybe even angels.
So why change the cover of Unbreakable Love, because Nate and Jennie’s story needs to represented by the tenderness and vulnerability that is uniquely theirs.  I believe the cover that will be revealed on September 6th does a much better job of capturing Nate and Jennie’s Concrete, Undeniable and most of all Unbreakable Love.
Hope to see you on the 6th for the cover reveal. Until then, thanks for stopping by.

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