Saturday, September 15, 2012

Help Me Name my Characters and win!

Hi friends and passionate readers! For the last several weeks, I have been outlining my first series and spending lots of time doing research! I am planning on three books. The working title of the first book will be AGLOW and I’m taking a stab at the supernatural.

If you didn’t know, up until now I’ve only written stand alone stories, which has been so fun, by the way. Now, I’m ready roll up my proverbial sleeves and get messy, I’m talking multiple books, awesome characters and an epic struggle of good vs. evil with a twist.

Here’s the thing. I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, to have your help, so I’m holding a NAME THAT CHARACTER CONTEST.

Here’s how it’s going to work.

I will need six names for six main characters and I know you, collectively, are going to know so many unique and interesting names. That’s why I need you! Plus we can have some fun!!

On Sunday, for the next six weeks, I will post the personality profile and maybe a sample picture for those of you who are visual like me on my blog. I will leave the post up for one week.  

To enter the contest, leave a suggested name and an email address in the comments below the post so I can get back to you. If your suggested name for the character is chosen (by me because I have to live with this character for three books), you will win either a digital or hard copy (your choice) of either Shackled or Unbreakable Love…or if you want to wait, a first addition of AGLOW.

I’ll leave links so you can check out reviews for the two books that are already out.   

No matter what, I will choose at least two names for use but I might use up to six. Which book would you like to win? Please feel free to enter every week and I’m so excited partner up with you in choosing character namesJ



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