Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ten Things An Olympian Might Be Thinking About Just Before They Compete

Now before I go any further, I have to be clear about one thing. I think anyone who makes it to the Olympics is a rock star , a true champion and competitor and I both respect and envy them.  However, tonight, I had a little fun writing my post. So here it is.

Ten Things An Olympian Might Be Thinking About Just Before They Compete.

1.     A swimmer- Look at my body, I work out…I’m sexy and I know it.

2.     A gymnast-  I wonder if they can see my sparkle hairspray in the nosebleed section?

3.     A discus thrower-  Oh no, I feel a sneeze coming on.

4.     A badminton player-  See, I told you badminton was a real sport.

5.     A rowing captain- Row, Row, Row, your boat, “Why can’t I get that *&$^# song out of my head?

6.     A ping-pong player- Forrest Gump would be so proud.

7.     A Golf player- I hope I don’t hit a bird with my ball again, those nature freaks got so upset last time.

8.     A Javelin thrower- Waiting for my event to start makes me so mad that I just want to throw something!

9.     Hammer dude- I hope they don’t figure out that I’m really Thor, that would really blow my cover


10.                A Soccer player- I wonder if they can fit the whole team on the front of the Wheaties Box. I want to be in the front?

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