Friday, July 20, 2012

Seven Questions I often Ponder After Family Reunions.

For the last seven days, my family and me have been staying in a cabin with my extended family.  The cabin was nestled on a lush pine covered mountainside above Sundance Ski Resort in Utah. This little piece of paradise is called Aspen Grove and every four years my entire family makes the trek to Utah to spend the week together. Now that the week is over (which was AWSOME BY THE WAY) here are seven questions I’ve been thinking about. See if your family reunions leave you asking the same questionsJ

1.     How can twenty-five people have fourteen conversations at the same time in the same room and most of all, HOW CAN ANYONE HEAR ANYTHING?

2.     Why is it that you’re still not fond of that distant relative that you weren’t fond of last family reunion?

3.     Is it possible that your family is less weird than you remember, or do you just fit in with their weirdness better than before?

4.     Why is it that every time you share the bathroom with twenty-five other people, you find yourself in a sleep-deprived stupor putting on someone else’s pants? True story by the wayJ


6.     Why is it that the towel, you have been using to bath is wet, before you go to take a shower and yet all the children are running around freshly bathed, yeah, ewhh!

7.     Why after one week of nonstop noisy, sleepless, chaotic time together do you still feel a tightening in your throat and tears welling in up in your eyes when you say goodbye? I guess that is just family reunions!

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