Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Problem With Me and Christmas Trees

I love, love, love Christmas time. I love the Frenzied shopping and the fact that you can hear Christmas carols on the radio.  I love that people put up a tacky blow up Santa next to an elaborate Nativity scene.  I love the cookies and the parties and all the other chaos that leads up to that one spectacular day. The Christmas season is the ultimate drama, with a predictably sweet ending.

I enjoy Christmas so much that I’ve been known to crack out the Christmas decorations the day after Halloween.  Gasp! Yes, I am one of those people. This being said, I do have one thing about Christmas that gives me trouble.  My Christmas tree is huge and unmanageable and cries out for my attention like some half-finished painting sitting in an artist’s basement! I find that no matter how many ornaments I buy, or what kind of ribbon I use, there is always a bald spot, or the ornaments aren’t placed quite right. Much like me, my tree seems to be a never-ending work in progress and therefore drives me crazy.  Will my tree ever be perfect? Probably not and neither will Christmas. Still, somehow, when I come down the stairs and my husband or kids have already turned on the hundreds of lights that weave through my twelve foot, semi realistic looking tree, I feel a charge of simple happiness. I hope that despite life’s imperfections, you are having a great Christmas season. Thanks for stopping by. Be sure to enter my giveaway for a 500 followers  http://www.angelacarling.blogspot.com/and hope to connect with you again soon!



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