Sunday, October 21, 2012


Hi, I’m Kate, Jennie’s little sister from the book Unbreakable Love.  I’m not your typical twelve year old girl.  I do check out Jennie’s dates when they come to pick her up.  I guess that’s pretty normal, and I do think her new best friend Nate is totally gorgeous and that’s normal too…but, my parents tell me that I am unusual in a specific way.  I love politics!  I love our American government and someday, I am going to be a senator or even the first woman president of the United States.  I’ll make laws and travel the world.  I’ll cast my vote. It’ll be amazing!!!!  
It’s an election year and I’m still a kid so I can’t vote but I want to give you three reasons why I think you should get involved in the political process.
 First, we need really smart people running our country!  The whole world watches the U.S. and if we have stupid people as our leaders, we all look stupid.  Besides, what if my future husband is a totally hot French guy. How will I get him to take me seriously if we have an idiot for a president? 
Secondly, we have a lot of problems.  Big ones like people starving and kids failing in school and stuff that’s even worse.   We need leaders that actually want to make our lives better.  We need smart and brave people that aren’t afraid to tackle hard problems and we need them now. 
The third reason is that the founding fathers knew that when American people put their voices together, they become more powerful than any one leader. They wanted to put the power, in the people’s hands.  I know, I just took a test on the constitution of the United States in social studies and got an A for awesome, by the way.  Yes, the founding fathers were rich old men and had egos the size of California, but they were also wise and knew if we chose good men to lead our country, our freedom would be protected and the United States would be great.      
So, I totally hope I gave you some reasons to get involved in politics. I hear my mom and dad talk about the candidates for President and I know they worry that the next one won’t be good enough, but then I remind them, at least we get to choose.  Thanks for listening and just you watch, in a few years, it’ll be my name on the ballet.  See ya!

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