Monday, October 1, 2012

Ten Perks to being Sick

I write this post on great authority. I have been flat-on-the-bed-sick for the last eight days and in an effort to find good in a bad situation, I wrote Ten Perks to Being Sick Enjoy!

1.       You finally get caught up on all those movies you have wanted to see.

2.       If you are a mom, your kids ignore you while are sleeping and actually go to their dad to ask for things.

3.       You can eat whatever your stomach “wants”

4.       Taking a shower is a feat, so no one expects you to do your hair or makeup, which gives you at least another hour for direly missed sleep. Notice there are no pictures attached to this postJ

5.       All those deadlines, that would people said would end the world if they weren’t met, come and go, and somehow the world keeps spinning

6.       Your kids finally find their own shoes.

7.       Your husband finally finds the kitchen

8.       You turn off your alarm clock

9.       Your family develops a new appreciate for what you do each day

10.    You breath in and out and appreciate the ability to get up in the morning.


I hope you don’t, but if you face sickness this year, you can find a few positives stuck in the middle of horrible experienceJ

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