Sunday, September 23, 2012

Help me name character "A" and win!

Character A.

it is the first official week of the Help Me Name my character and win contest. Read more about the details here....
So without further adeui, here is the first character description...

Character "A" is a strong willed 17 years old girl just getting ready to start her senior year in High School in Western Washington. Raised by nannies in a mansion overlooking Lake Washington, she grew up with getting everything money could buy but not a lot of attention from her socialite parents.  She’s had a top notch private school education but isn’t into getting good grades mostly just to drive her parents crazy.  In her teens, she has unlimited funds but is repulsed by the wealthy lifestyle and usually sports  ripped up jeans and second hand sweatshirts.  On most days, you can find her with her unruly caramel colored hair pulled up into a careless ponytail and if you are close enough you can see the tiny flecks of brown in her otherwise green eyes.  she has spent years in private karate lessons and knows how to protect herself. The one thing She doesn’t do well is allow herself to be vulnerable or open to anyone. 

Help me name this complicated character and win! Remember to leave the name suggestion in the comments and your email so I can get back to youJ


  1. I think you should name her Peyton. It seems like a good fit to your description. This suggestion is coming from your long, lost best friend from high school. Yes!!!!! It's me, Krissi. I am so proud of you!!!!!! can name her Ember. Hee Hee! :) My email is

    1. Hey stranger! I so excited that you found me. I've been wanting to get a hold of you forever. I sent an email. Talk to you soon!