Monday, January 25, 2016

He may be hot but.....

Sometimes you see that guy, you know the one, tall dark and trouble. He could be blonde. He could be with a girl. He could be looking the other direction but you’d still know he was all kinds of wrong. Still, you’d stare a little longer and wonder….. That’s the character I’m introducing today. His name is Briggs and he represents the worst kind of danger. The duplicitous kind. In the next book of The Secret Keeper series, he appears in Winter’s life at her most vulnerable moment looking by the bad boy, claiming nothing but benevolence. I wanted to introduce Briggs to you today because two weeks from Wednesday it will be cover reveal day for In The Dying Light and Briggs is a critical new character in the saga of Liam and Winter's fight against the secret keeper curse.

I'm so happy. Reviews for The Secret Keeper(the first book in the series)say things like:

A tale of secrets and the mysterious Secret Keeper keeps you glued to the pages

and...."This book is captivating! A refreshingly unique read, and impossible to put down

 and..."Gripping mystery that is hard to put down"

Awwh, thanks guys!

 So do you want to see what I think Briggs might look like? Here he is.
Gorgeous, I know. The thing is, does he really look like that? Secret Keepers have the power to change their appearance. Liam describes them as “Black Widows dressed as butterflies”. Hmmm…. Watch for more information on the soon to be published In The Dying Light and the cover reveal on February 10th! Thanks for stopping by and if you haven't read The Secret Keeper, get caught up before the big pub date for In The Dying Light.

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