Monday, February 8, 2016

A cover reveal for Stone Alliance

 I'm so excited today to take part in cover reveal for fellow author Emily Bates! I'm a sucker for a good reveal and am glad you stopped by to learn about Stone Alliance, which is book two in a series by the way. It hits the market March 2!

Now onto the cover and little more about this talented author and her work.

About Stone Alliance:

Haunted by his transformation, Rustav returns home to a war-torn land. More attacks from the island demons ravage the peninsula each day, and a centuries-old grudge threatens to tear down the last wall standing between Rustav’s people and swift destruction.

Determined to save his people and terrified that he might cause their destruction, Rustav must rebuild long-lost trust between three estranged cultures while concealing the secret that could crush the last hope of salvation for his people.
Coming March 2, 2016!

 Get caught up with Demon’s Heart, available now at Barnes and Noble and Amazon!

About the Author:
Emily lives in Washington with her husband, two rambunctious daughters, and a goblin that lives in a cupboard. She can usually be found reading voraciously, writing madly, crocheting sporadically, or eating chocolate behind the fridge so she doesn’t have to share. Stone Alliance is her second book, a sequel to Demon’s Heart

Twitter: @ehbates 

I know I'm excited to read Stone Alliance:) Thanks for dropping  by.

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