Sunday, June 7, 2015

Why We Love Young Love

My family moved recently and I'm still unpacking boxes. Yesterday, I came across an untouched box. I opened it to find a couple of binders of my childhood and teenage writing, old yearbooks and dozens of cards and letters many of which were love letters written or received in my teens.  As  I read them, my heart swelled remembering what it felt like to feel love unfettered by responsibility. My high school and college sweethearts wrote things like "I'll love you forever or I can't live without you." I'm sure I said the same in return:)
This got me to thinking why do we (as readers) love to read stories of young love? I have a theory. I think it strips away our years of experience and sometimes cynicism developed by heartbreak and disappointment. In some cases, it lightens the burden of reality and the restrictions we feel every day in life, in our relationships. Most of all, it takes us back to a time when we were willing to bear our souls just to love and feel loved in return. There is a name they give us, those who long for such feelings. We are target audience for romantic comedies and tragedies like Titanic where even in death love lives on. We are not practical. We are dreamers that make the world a more pleasant place.  They call us hopeless romantics and I am one of them.

It was in this vein that I penned my first book Unbreakable Love. It is a love story that transcends planets and places and even though my writing has grown tremendously, I  still stand by heartwarming nature of the story and celebrate as it does, the power of young love.
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