Thursday, June 25, 2015

Unbreakable Love is FREE!

As I've mentioned before, this past year, the woman that owned Acacia Publishing suddenly passed away. I've been trying find a way to show my appreciation to her for believing in my work. I think I finally came up with something she would like. She was kind of mess when it came to the business aspects of publishing, but she absolutely LOVED LOVED LOVED getting the finished protect into the hands of those passionate readers like yourselves! So..I decided to make my first book Unbreakable Love free for the weekend(starting Friday morning) as a way to do something she would've liked and hopefully you will too. Unbreakable Love is a sweet love story about a guardian angel who can't touch the one he must protect. I'll leave the links below and all I can say is HAPPY READING! Amazon- Smashwords Kobo Barnes and Noble

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