Sunday, May 31, 2015

Ten Reasons Why Book Bloggers Rock!

Let’s face it, the internet is a tumult of noise, voices crying to be heard. Pay attention to me. No pay attention to me! How’s an author supposed to compete with that? How is he or she supposed to share what could very well be your favorite story, the one that got you reading again. The one that inspired you long after the printed words sunk deep into your soul. The answer, the amazing blogging community. Today, I want to give ten reasons that I and I know many of my fellow authors appreciate the book bloggers that read and review our books. This, my friends is for you.
1.       You share our passion for the written word.
2.       On your own time, often with many other things like work, school, children and other responsibilities you stay up late, sneak the book into the bathroom. Anything to find time to read and review our books.
3.       You do it for NOTHING. Who does that…awesome bloggers!
4.       You let us, even invite us to post on your blogs, sharing with your friends(who also share your passion for books).
5.       You make us feel special, like we are some sort of intellectual rock star.  
6.       After you post a positive review, we take a deep breath and think, someone really liked my work. Maybe I’ll write another book.
7.       You follow us on twitter even if we don’t say anything clever for weeks at a time.
8.       You introduce us to new authors that we grow to love and the cycle goes on creating a giant book lovefest.
9.       You learn how to use things like rafflecopter and google docs just so that you can give away our books and swag.
10.   And finally, you fall in love with our characters as much as we do and we love you forever because of it.

Hope you enjoyed my ten reasons why and now as further evidence of my appreciation, I want to give away two twenty-five dollar cash or kindle cards to thank my blogger friends. Anyone who reads and reviews The Secret Keeper by December will be entered to winJ Let me know at or leave a comment below if you’d like to read and review. Most of all please know…no matter what we think you are the best!  

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