Friday, February 9, 2018

Day 2 of 5 Days of Sweet Romance Giveaways!

Happy Day Two of Five Days of Giveaways.

I'm having so much fun introducing you to new authors and Five AMAZING giveaways! Today Laura L. Walker is sharing a short story called The Billionaire's Sweet Valentine, written just for the season of L<3VE.

Laura, take over....

Happy February! I'm so excited for this month to arrive. As you may have guessed, I absolutely adore love stories! And as such, I've been busy writing and publishing another clean romance for those of you who, like me, just can't get enough of them. This one is called The Billionaire's Sweet Valentine. It's the story of Penny Merrill, who needs a fake boyfriend to help her save her sweet shop from falling into the hands of her money-hungry mother and conniving stepfather. So she enlists the help of commercial contractor Preston Ames, who frequently visits her sweet shop and is secretly sweet on her. He's got another secret, though. Preston is actually the heir to a multi-billion-dollar fortune.

As part of author Angela Carling launch for her new release Five Days Five Kisses, I am participating with four other authors, including Angela in a special Valentine's Day giveaway. Enter 
HERE for a chance to win an e-copy of The Billionaire's Sweet Valentine.
Also, Angela asked me to share an awkward or embarrassing story about when I was dating my husband. So here goes: I was actually almost a jilted bride. Can you believe it? Knowing my husband and how steady and kind he is, I wouldn't believe it either, if I hadn't experienced this for myself.

Rob and I lived six hours apart at the time because I was finishing my student teaching. On the eve of our wedding, we agreed to meet at the Mesa, Arizona LDS Temple to look at the Christmas lights and display. We would be married inside the temple the next day. I arrived early and began looking around. I enjoyed the lights and music from various choirs, but as time passed and Rob didn't come, I began to get worried. Cell phones were a rarity in those days, so I waited . . . and waited . . . and waited until, almost breaking down in tears, I decided to go to the hotel where my parents and I were staying.

My mom encouraged me to call Rob's grandmother's house where he would be staying that night, but it was already ten-thirty and I worried about waking people up or disturbing them. Finally, my mom said to me, quite frankly, "Laura, you're supposed to get married in the morning. You have every right to find out where your fiance is. Get on that phone and call him right now!"

So I did. It turns out that he got delayed at his younger brother's high school basketball game in northern Arizona and didn't arrive in Mesa until quite late. Our marriage the next morning took place without a hitch! Ha! And now you know how I was almost a jilted bride.
Whew! That sounds stressful! Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to check tomorrow for another fantastic giveaway!

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