Saturday, February 10, 2018

Day Three of Five Days of Giveaways!.

Welcome to Day Three of  Five Days of Giveaways. We are celebrating the release of  my new release, Five Days Five Kisses by giving away five fun romances just in time for Valentine's Day.  Today Author Beth Rodgers is sharing two Sweet Romances and a fabulous giveaway!
What can you win? Here are the blurbs for her books, Freshman Fourteen and Sweet Fifteen.

Freshman Fourteen Blurb:

Navigating the halls of Kipperton High should be easy for someone like Margot Maples. She's smart, sweet, and ready to start fresh. But with her best friend moved away, she's stuck wondering just how to fit in. Making her transition more difficult is Max, who always knows how to push her buttons, Walter, her geeky suitor, Cassie, the girl who seemingly has it all, and Peter, her first true crush. So, life doesn't go just the way she hopes. Join Margot on a journey through the beginning of ninth grade – a time when your reputation is determined by the most trivial of matters, including where you eat, how many friends you have, and – most notably – who you kiss.


Sweet Fifteen Blurb:

Sophomore year starts off on a positive note, with Margot Maples enjoying a circle of new friends, an influx of confidence, and the attention of the oh-so-cute new basketball player, Kirk. But she quickly finds herself stuck in a rut, battling mean girls, and getting caught up in Kirk's past. Margot's friendships, heartaches, and presidential campaign lead her on a path to self-discovery, making sophomore year one to remember.

Come along on Margot's journey in this sequel to Freshman Fourteen that has new faces, backroom politics, and a few twists and turns along the way.


These sound like a great beach read:)

Ready to enter to win Freshman Fourteen? Enter Rafflecopter Giveaway Here! And, if you  want to check out Five Days Five Kisses, here's the Amazon link. Link for Five Days Five Kisses

Now that you've discovers Beth and her books, here's where you learn more. Stalk her. She loves it and read on to learn about Beth's awkward dating moment. Is it worse than yours?



Twitter: @bethrodgersauth

Amazon Links: (Freshman Fourteen) and (Sweet FIfteen)

 Now we get to hear about Beth's awkward dating moment, and it's so easy to envision! Take it away Beth...

I was once on a study abroad trip before my senior year of high school. There was this boy who I liked and I was super excited every time we crossed paths. We knew each other from home, so it was normal for us to say hi and talk to each other. I think it was also pretty obvious that he knew I liked him. I was never too good at hiding my crushes.

There was this one time when we were on a beach. He was with at least one other guy, and I was with another girl. We all knew each other, and he asked if I could put some suntan lotion on him. I probably blushed way too much, and knowingly embarrassed, I rubbed the lotion on his back. When I was done, he asked if either me or my friend needed lotion. Like an idiot, I immediately responded that we had already put it on before we got to the beach. My friend gave me this look, and I knew immediately that I had given the wrong answer. I instantaneously regretted my decision, and obviously do to this day since it's still on my mind.

So I learned a lesson: when a cute guy asks to rub lotion on you, even if you already have it on, you just let him do it again!

Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to check back in tomorrow for another incredible giveaway!

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