Monday, September 14, 2015

You Make A Difference!

I've decided that someone should start an author school. It could be called AU(Author University) and the building could be a beautiful castle or maybe a fortress with tall windows and dozens of secret nooks perfect for writing brilliance.

At this college, they could offer course like descriptive writing 101 or The power of reviews 210.

Unfortunately there is no such enchanting and informative place and authors, even those with college writing classes are not taught about the nuances of marketing in the real world.

If such a place existed I would certainly have learned years earlier that when readers post reviews, it is a powerful tool for authors. I used to think of reviews as a nice way to give your opinion or perhaps complain. Don't get me wrong even the most simple review on your book thrills an author, keeping them motivated for a long time. However, in the last couple of years I have learned that the number of good reviews an author garners can actually change their career. You see, reviews are our report cards, not just for other readers but also for  
advertisers, agents, screenplay writers and anyone else that might be looking to size up our work before reading it. For example Bookbub, a powerful advertising tool will not even consider you without dozens of strong reviews. The same thing goes for E-reader News and bloggers considering whether to read your work.

The ones that are hardest hit are indie authors. I recently read and reviewed a book titled Shadow of the Hawk by K.S. Jones. She's a relatively new and unknown author. I gave the book 5 stars and a rave review because the writing was amazing, Harper Lee quality and I couldn't put it down. However a couple of years ago I would've read the book, thought, that was a great book and slid it in my bookshelf without another thought.
In fact, only about one percent of readers leave any kind of review. Imagine if you went to twelve years of primary school and then sweated through college and only two teachers posted grades that entire time. It would be impossible to gage your progress or even feel motivated to keep working.

Reviews also help authors. I read mine understanding that not everyone will love my stories, but if I see criticisms that form patterns, I really think about those criticisms and improve my writing where necessary.

What I'm saying is reader reviews make a difference. When I ask someone if they'd leave a review they often say they feel uncomfortable, like they don't know what to say. I get that but truthfully even if you just leave however many stars your think the book earned and write I enjoyed this book because......leaving only one reason....authors and readers alike benefit! So don't be shy. Your voice counts...far more than you know!!!

For all of you who have read my books, review or not, Thanks! No seriously, it gives me great joy to know I got to share this amazing part of my life with you.

Those of you who want to tell the world what you think. Go for it. We love to hear your honest opinion!!
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  1. Hi Angela! Your post came to me from other readers of my novel Shadow of the Hawk. What a nice surprise! I am so glad you enjoyed the story, and you are right ... reviews are the lifeblood of an author's work. Thank you!