Wednesday, August 5, 2015

What's the verdict...and giveaway!

Last week was an AWESOME all-review blog tour for The Secret Keeper. I was so excited to hear what this group of blogger thought of The Secret Keeper. My work was new to each of them so they came in with no preconceived ideas. Below are snippets from all of the reviews over the week with links to read the entire review. When you are done checking those out, stop by and enter to win an ebook or printed copy of The Secret Keeper. I say these AMAZING reviews are celebrating so I’m giving away books! Hope you win!

 If you’d like purchase The Secret Keeper today, here’s so links
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Without further delay…..the reviews!

Greenlee over at Nerdgothestrangecapricorn

"This book had the element of suspense I thought the plot was superb and the conflict was just on key point and I love the twist and turns in it this book was so well written and had very likable characters that you could understand it was one of those book you can not put down I was so mesmerized by it I can not wait for the second one I would defiantly recommend this one to people that want something new and fresh. I give this 5 stars 

Anna  at The Book Addict Read full review here:

“The characters in this book are so well developed that you feel dragged into the story, as you were living it. When someone screams you'll want to scream, when someone laughs you'll want to laugh and everything from true happiness to shear horror, that's the feelings span of this book and you'll love it. This will change your way of seeing your life and the way that you live because it will make you question yourself on how life would be if you could change reality in order to erase your mistakes and maybe even teach you a lesson about telling the truth and owning up to your mistakes. If you like paranormal, love stories, a little science fiction and even suspense this book is for you!” “P.S: I'm so excited for the second book! Please come out fast!!!” Sammi at

ACLOSETFULLOFBOOKS Read the entire review here:

“Winter recently lost her brother to a tragic accident since then her parents have encouraged her to live her life to the fullest. With that thought in mind she eagerly gets ready for her senior prom. Her best friend Ally comes by to help and wait for their date to arrive. Prom turned out totally different than either one expected. Winter makes a mistake that comes back to haunt her and all she wants is for this secret to go away. When a woman tells her about someone who could make her secret disappear Winter is skeptical but has nothing left to lose. The terms of the contract she made meant nothing to Winter at the time she made the deal but when tragedy strikes and is bound by the contract not to reveal the secret it slowly eats away at her. Now not only is her sanity in danger but so is her life. At the cost of losing everything and everyone she ever loved will she go back to the Secret Keeper for one final bargain? A great tale that will leave you speechless and desperately wanting more! Can’t wait for the next part of this series its sure to be one hell of a ride.”

Jennifer @ GenuineJen

The Secret Keeper is a YA novel. It is very clean so I would recommend it for younger teens also. It does touch on death by murder but it isn't graphic. This is a great novel with a story showing how desperate one can be to remove a secret but the consequences of secrets have on everyone especially the burden you hold when you have secrets. I couldn't even imagine having a horrible secret that I need to tell but not be able to and have to deal all alone with it. The story hooks you in from the beginning and has many twists and turns keeping you hooked. I didn't want to put this book down and had a really hard time when I did have too. I can't wait to read book #2. I give this book a 4.5 out of 5 stars and look forward to reading more from Angela Carling! Floryie @Travelogue of a Book Read the full review here “When I started the book, I didn't have any expectation since this is a first time author for me. The story starts to get intense after Winter meets the Secret Keeper and it kept me on my toes till the end, making me wonder what would happen next during each scene. I went through the whole gamut of human emotions from guilt to happiness to horror to sorrow through the heroine. Not even Liam with his mature understanding and support at the end garnered that much liking from me as much as Winter did. She is a finely crafted character who easily had me grasped in her feelings and thoughts. If I had a chance to grab the sequel's copy right now, I would. And if you guys like to read different types of paranormal-ish books without the usual entities associated with them, I would recommend this unique tale.” My rating : 4/5

Darlene Mousey Books Read entire review here

“OMG!!! This is a fantastic story. One that is magical and leaves you hanging by the edge of the page…. “I haven’t read many of Ms. Carling’s books- but those that I have read are extremely well written. She takes her pen to paper an creates pure magic and captures the reader right of the bat. I was asked to read and review this exciting book. It was a pleasure and an honor to do so….” “This is a fantastic and terrific story.” “I recommend this book for the young adult reader and even the adult reader. As for Mismousey’s rating for this awesome and compelling book, She gives it a 60 out of 5 stars. I recommend that you go to Goodreads add it to you to read list and then run and GET YOUR COPY OF IT TODAY!!! Ms.Carling I am so looking forward to reading the next book in this series. There has to be one- got to see where and what happens next to Winter.” a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I liked the Collar and the Cavvarach review, enough to adde to my TBR shelf :)

    1. I'm glad you did add it. It was a really interesting book. There is a lot talented indie authors that write what the publishers refuse to take a chance on:)