Monday, August 17, 2015

A Roll of the Dice

This month my children(all teenagers) have decided to shake things up a bit. We have five cats so scooping kitty litter is a daily, sometimes twice daily chore. Tired of trying to remember who's "night" it was, they decided to roll dice each night to choose who would the lucky cat pooper-scooper. Yeah, it's not democratic, but apparently it's more interesting because they've taken to this method like gamblers to Vegas. Best of all, if their number comes up two days in a row, they get immunity the following night.

I've watched my kids create and use this system with fascination wondering why they prefer it over an orderly rotation. Finally, it hit me. It's the unknown that makes it worth the roll.  As that tiny little dice connects with the countertop, you wonder who will it be and then the inevitable groan when it falls on your number.

Isn't life just like that. We wake up everyday rolling the dice of life. Will I do well on my test? Will I get the raise I ask for? Will I find true love today, or like my child that has the winning number, will I be up to my elbows in (forgive the crassness) crap?

  For my kids, it's a one and three chance. For some of life's greatest joys and heartaches, the odds are more like one in a million, yet we roll. With bated breath, we climb out of bed and put our feet on the cold floor of chance and yet with that chance comes hope. That's why my kids like their silly little system and that's why we keep going day after day, even when our number comes up more than it's fair share and the stench and filth of hard things bear down on us. Are we crazy to keep rolling the dice? Are we stupid? No we're human and that drive to live and hope for something better is what makes us truly unique and undeniably amazing.

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