Monday, April 6, 2015

Moving With Cats

Hi friends! For the last few months my life has been crazy, but I survived!  I’m all moved into my new house (love it by the way!) and I’m back preparing to launch the first book in the Secret Keeper series. Although we are behind, I still think you can expect the release in May sometime. For now, let me entertain you with Ten Things I Learned About Moving and Cats.

        1.  Cats believe all boxes must be investigated even if they hate the change boxes represent. If things can be pulled from the boxes, even better.   
2.    2. They will use the litter box at the most inconvenient times. For example, if a nice family is walking through your house trying to decide if they want to buy it, they take the opportunity to stink the place up. After all, it’s not your house to sell, it’s theirs.  
3.      3. If a room feels too clean to them, they will spend hours rubbing their bodies against all stationary objects to be sure their personal scent stays pungent.
4.      4.  If you clean up all their cat toys before a showing they will resort to bringing out their secret stash while you are gone and leaving them in the middle of the most obvious walkways.  
5.       5. They are entitled to extra treats just because they have to put up with your moving nonsense, on demand of course.  
6.       6.  They will throw up on the freshly cleaned carpet and will make sure to do it in several spots to make it especially difficult to clean. 
7.      7.  If you put away their scratching posts so as not to offend the non-animal lovers that may walk through your house they will show you their displeasure by scratching on the freshly painted door trim instead., mostly at night so that you cannot discipline them .
8.     8. When you place them in the new house full on new scents and rooms that could be laden with terrible enemies, they will look at you as if you are the Benedict Arnold of all masters, and will likely turn their backs on you, at least until they want food.
9.      9.  In the new house, they will not rest until they have explored every room, every drawer and every cupboard. Don’t be fooled though, this does not mean they will let you sleep at night because if you make them suffer by taking them from their home, they will wake up often to make sure you are suffering too.
    10.  Finally, when they are all tuckered out, have staked out their territory, gotten their scent on everything possible and complained in general about the gross injustice that is the move, they  will curl up next to you for comfort and familiarity. That’s when you will remember why you love them and why no matter what you would never ever  leave them behind.

In case you’re wondering, mine are settling in fine!  Have you ever moved with a pet? I’d love to hear your story.   Thanks for stopping by!

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