Thursday, September 11, 2014

Rediculousness Everywhere

My dad taught me several things. One of the most critical, keep your sense of humor! Because of him, I see humor everywhere. This week I brought a camera with me to Walmart and true to life, found that we as human beings are kind of funny, and sometimes downright ridiculous. Let me demonstrate. When I first walked into the store, I was greeted by this slightly misleading sign.
Actually, it was my sixteen year old son that pointed this one out. Leave it to a hormone riddled boy to notice a sign that could be interpreted as selling ladies for 10.00 instead of the sunglasses below. I found it even funnier that the lady offers 100% UV protection. Not sure how. Definitely don’t want to ask. Who knew Walmart was pimping out the girls. Next I wandered into the cosmetics section. This was a wonderland for crazy advertising. Below are two examples.
Get it, Scandel-eyes.. Who knew that to be pretty your eyes had to have a naught, naughty reputation. What I wouldn’t give to be around the big fake wood table when that one was thought up. But wait, not only are eyes supposed to be scandalous, but apparently based on the product below, you’re not sexy unless your lips are unnaturally huge and you are pouting. Pouting, isn’t that something your mom told you to stop doing when you were like six years old. Isn’t that why you spend a large portion of your childhood in time out? Apparently, she was wrong and pouting is a powerful tool to get you what you want, particularly if combined with your scandalous eyes. Funny, funny people. Finally, I must share with you the best sign in the store. This funny was completely on accident. The picture below is a door the employees use to go into the back room. Look at it carefully and you will learn that repeated hand placement is the difference between you being an associate or just a….. well you can see it for yourself.
I hope you enjoyed my little Walmart tour. It is true; you’ll find humor in life if you only look for it. Most of all, I hope you find something to make you laugh today!

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