Wednesday, October 23, 2013


The color orange is indisputably the color of fall and you would think it would remind me of pumpkins and changing leaves on the trees…but it doesn’t. Instead, it reminds me of Home Depot, that dastardly place where I and I'm guessing a lot of you spend all your money. 

You homeowners out there know what I’m talking about.

It starts with an innocent desire to repaint something. You want to lighten a color or add drama so you spend hours looking at minute differences on tiny paint chip cards while your husband roams around looking at more manly things.   Then, in ignorant bliss, you paint a room and wow, it looks amazing and, you realize you are the master of change! You, with the stroke a brush can alter life as you know it, at least in that one room.

Don’t be fooled, painting is a gateway project and just like a gateway drug, it can and will lead you deeper into the remodeling abyss where all your time and money disappears never to be recovered, unless hopefully you improve the value of your home and actually sell it. At least that is what we tell ourselves at night as we mentally disassemble and remodel the kitchen in muted beige tones with striking granite counter tops.

After a few projects, you find yourself watching HGTV. Maybe just House Hunters at first when there is nothing better to watch. Before you know what’s happening, you’re in over your head,  hanging on every word that comes out of the mouth of the Property Brothers or cheering on David when they decide to “list it.” That’s when you know they’ve got you.

Me, I’m not hooked. I’ve just painted a few things, and planted in the yard, and well there was that amazing master bathroom that we put in, but I can walk away anytime I want. Maybe I will, as soon as I finish repainting my stairwellJ  Guess I’ll see you at the Home Improvement store!




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