Monday, September 23, 2013

Why We Love our Book Boyfriends

Have you ever read a book where just as the leading man was about to the kiss the girl, he caught sight of even prettier girl and his gazed jumped to her and followed her into the building? Or, have you ever read of a romantic scene where a couple is having a candlelit dinner carefully prepared by our lead heroine and just after her handsome suitor takes his first bite, he lets out a huge belch and then doesn’t say excuse me.

Of course not, that would totally rude, completely realistic and our book boyfriends would never do such a thing!

Not only that but our book boyfriends always look two-hours-in-the-gym-a-day-good but without taking away time from our needs. You know what I’m talking about, time they spend shopping for gifts for us, time they spend staring dreamily into our eyes or complimenting our new shoes.
You see the truth of the matter is, we need our book boyfriends. They give us refuge from the real world of completely normal men out there…. But don’t worry average guy. We don’t expect you to be like our book boyfriends, we just need to be able to slip away for a rendezvous with our book boyfriend once in awhile. We may not even keep em around very long, that is if we find a book boyfriend we like even better. 

Me, I feel extra lucky. I don’t just get to read to discover my book boyfriends, I get to create them. Whahaha, like Dr. Frankenstein, I make them kind and funny, sensitive and deliciously handsome.  In Becoming Bryn Ethan is my latest creation. He is a sublime book boyfriend! He’s Jesse’s best friend and an amazing guy. Jesse throws up on his favorite shoes and he just laughs and takes her home and takes care of her until she feels better all while looking ridiculously handsome.

So which book boyfriend do escape with when you need a little break from reality? Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy Ethan and the rest of the cast of Becoming Bryn!

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