Tuesday, December 13, 2011

10 Similarities between having a baby and publishing a book

Unbreakable Love has been out now for several weeks, not a long time, but long enough that I can say I have experienced the publishing of a book. Lately, I have been thinking about how the journey of publishing a book is so much like the creation and culmination of having a baby. Now, for those of you that think I am comparing the importance of a book over a baby, not even.  I just thought the similarities were funny in an ironic sort of way.  Here's my top ten reasons why:

1.When either the baby or the book are conceived, it is work, but the fun kind of work.

2. With both a book and a baby, the possible outcomes are endless, leaving you daydreaming about what you hope will be an amazing end product.

3. For both baby and book, it takes months, that feel like years, to finish the creative process.

4. Both a book and a baby make you apprehension, especially near the end of the project when we realize you have to live what you've created.

5. Both keep you up at night and give you strange dreams wondering if you've miss something in preparation, or made the right choice to create in the first place.

6 Both change your circle of friends as you find yourself searching out people you can relate to, that are going through the same things or maybe that you can learn from.

7.  Both disrupt the flow of the house as all the energy of the family channels into the upcoming event that will change everything.

8.  Both are painful to push out at the end and for most of us we just want drugs to make it all go away.

9.  With both the birth of a child and the publishing of a book, when that new little creation is handed to you and you see the final product, that little piece of you, you are overwhelmed and amazed and smitten.

10.  Several months after your little creation is part of your life, you wake up one day and look in mirror at your neglected hair and sleep deprived eyes and realized the care of your little creation is so much bigger than you bargained for, yet somehow you know, with enough time behind you, you'd do it all over again.

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  1. Hahahaha!! I LOVE this!! :) I think number 8 is my favorite! Haha! :)