Monday, November 21, 2011

Thanksgiving Week

Hi friends,
Here we are and it is finally the week of Thanksgiving.  I already have my Christmas tree up, yes I said my Christmas tree.  Now, I know someone out there is going to cry, what about Thanksgiving, have you forgotten it?  The answer is, any holiday with lots of starchy food and pie cannot be forgotten,no matter how many Christmas decorations I put up.  Instead, I find nibbling on turkey and stuffed potatoes beneath the soft twinkly lights of an enormous Christmas Tree only enhances the Thanksgiving experience.  After all, Thanksgiving is all about what we have been blessed with and Christmas is about getting blessed with more.  Funny how the retailers have done that to us.  Still, I love Christmas and all its sparkle and joy and I feel no shame in making it last as long as posssible.This week I am also excited because Unbreakable Love goes live.  I have had a handful of copies for the last week or so, but now anyone can get their hands on my book, although I guess that is the ideas. My publisher tells me books will be in stock in two days on Amazon.  Yea h!!! So, if you stumble across this blog and end up reading Unbreakable Love over the holidays, I hope you enjoy it.  Most of all, I just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving.  I hope your holiday week is filled with good things no matter how you choose to celebrate.  I know mine will be as long as I have good friends and my family around me.

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