Sunday, October 1, 2017

The Soundtrack of Suspense

With the launch of the final book in the Secret Keeper series, I thought it would be fun to post about what I call, the soundtrack of suspense. Music and a good story go hand in hand, both evoking a feeling, an emotion that let us connect in a very unique way. Today, I want to share with you the songs that I've connected with the very suspenseful, paranormal Secret Keeper series.  In fact, I often play these particular songs before writing to feel what my character feels. Today, I want to share the Secret Keeper soundtrack with you!

Here we go: Belakane is the prequel of the series and the song that fits best is Unsteady by the Ex Ambassadors. I chose it because the main character Belakane always seems to be fighting her crueler nature, leaving her feeling unsteady. Check it out here: UNSTEADY

The Secret Keeper is the first book in the series.
 The song I associate with this book is Dark Horse by Katy Perry. Winter, the main character of the series, unwittingly ends up tangling with a force and power so much bigger and more dangerous than she expected, or understood. This song kind nails that emotion, but from the perspective of the mysterious secret keeper. Enjoy.


The second book in the series, In The Dying Light is tragic because Winter has become something she thought was horrible. Monster by Skillet is angry and self-loathing capturing some of the heavy emotions Winter fights within herself!

 Listen to Monster Here

Finally, In Under The Broken Sky, after all the characters have been through, caught up in the personal struggle of a powerful enchantress and the curse she created centuries earlier, Believer by Imagine Dragons is the perfect vibe. The lyrics aren't right on, but it captures the emotion. Each character is definitely a believer by the end of the series! Check out the video Here

So here is the best news of all...You can download The Secret Keeper, book 1 for FREE right now. Grab your copy and find your own songs to capture the mood of the series. Most of all, happy reading! 
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 Until next time...thanks for stopping by!

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