Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Dear Mr. Trump

Dear Mr. Trump,
I am but one voice, but I know there are others who will not speak, but feel similarly  to me. Today it does not matter who I voted for. It does not matter whether we are friends or foes. Today we celebrate something far bigger than ourselves. We celebrate the wondrous Democracy that has made you our leader. Most of all, we celebrate a transition of power without fear of retaliation for opinions, without living in violence. First and foremost, I thank God for that.

Now, as this burden is now yours, I wish to appeal to you for healing. Throughout history, we have seen that nations divided are almost as dangerous as nations sick with apathy. In the past two to ten years, media in all it's forms, while uniting us, has also divided us---sickeningly so. Both black men and officers' widows burying the ones they love--needlessly. Political ideas have never been so far apart or fought for with such hateful language. Races are labeled and made to seem like one person and one idea when in reality, we are not. We are beautiful diverse and always will be. The only thing we are is human and because of this we have the capability to show great humanity, or dark and devastating divisiveness.  

Mr. Trump, on thing I agree with Hillary Clinton; we are more powerful together. You can cannot make America anything without us and us without you. So there it is, my plea to you is... make it a propriety within your government and with people of all race, economic status, religion etc, please, oh please always ask this question when making decisions. Will this build and heal or will my decision destroy and divide.

I literally now pray for you to do good, to believe in the people that you will never forget that your viewpoint is only one of the millions that depend on you to make their lives better. God bless you Mr. Trump. You have a daunting task. I still believe in America. I still believe in people and I wait with bated breath to see what you will do.

Small but Significant

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