Tuesday, December 22, 2015

On the 10th Day of Giveaways

If you've been following you'll know that already you've learned about 10 new authors on this blog alone and had a chance to either win or directly pick up for free their work. How cool is that. Well, it is the 10th day of Christmas and Author Cassie Sheils is my guest with her lovely Christmas book called Christmas Socks!

Just in case you've missed it, here's the link to check out all 24 authors and their giveaways in one place.   https://landof10000words.files.wordpress.com/2015/12/12-giveaways-of-christmas-chart.pdf

Now onto the recently published adorable Christmas Socks...

Hi my name is Cassie Sheils.

The book I am giving away is my new Children's book called: Christmas socks

About the book: Macy, Ally and Ruby love Christmas. But when Mom and Dad say they need to make Christmas presents for each other Macy isn't sure if she can make something her oldest sister Ruby will love.

Find it on Amazon.com


Its open from Dec 14th to Dec 23rd. On the 23rd I will announce a winner.

I hope you enjoy Christmas Socks as much as I did writing it! :D


About me: 

Cassie has loved stories since she was little. Her love of writing started even before she could write words. She was one to be found, reading late into the night, on the school bus or before she did her homework. In middle school she determined that she liked creating her own stories as much as she liked reading them; so she decided she wanted to be an author and keeps working on making that dream come true with every story idea that bounds into her head.

Find out more about Cassie and her books at her website: www.cassiemshiels.com or visit her blog: www.cassiethewriter.blogspot.com

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