Monday, July 21, 2014

Sneak Peek for The Second Secret!!

“Three may keep a secret, if two of them are dead.”
Benjamin Franklin,

Here it is! The first peek of my latest, and must add very fun WORK IN PROGRESS!  This young adult book is all about secrets, the ones you hide and the ones you can’t tell, even if you want to.  Watch for more info and publishing dates. Meanwhile, here’s a teaser from THE SECOND SECRET.


I gathered my backpack more so that I could carry it like a shield in front of me and followed Mr. Shoop to his office.  I jumped when he closed the door and I heard the mechanism click.  My principle came around to his side of the desk and sat in his chair. He kept his back straight and his hands on his lap.  He’d been at my baptism. He’d given me awards and had dinner at our house but I all I saw when I looked at him was him killing in cold blood.

I wanted to grab him by the shirt and scream. Why, why would you do that, but I knew there was still a chance that he didn’t know it was me on the porch and staying anonymous could keep me alive.

His tone of voice was all business. “Thank you for meeting with me,” he began. “I wanted to see how you were doing.”

The total insanity of the situation was almost too much. How was I doing? I would’ve been doing much better with living parents. 

“I’m fine,” I forced myself to say.  He pulled his chair around his desk so that we were only a few feet apart.  My stomach churned the acid like a volcano ready to erupt. If I vomited, I’d make sure it landed in his lap.

He looked as if he might reach out touch me, but he didn’t. Thank goodness we lived in a litigious society and administrators had to keep their distance. Still, being so close to him made my skin crawl.  I pulled my backpack tight to my chest.

“I know it was your eighteenth birthday and you were at Ally’s when your parents were killed. Is that right?” His dark eyes seemed to search mine anticipating a specific answer. His brazen probing was pushing my anger to override my immediate fear. 

“Well, according to police, I was running from a bear about that time.” I said wryly.  Mr. Shoop cocked his head to the side as he listened. “And then I was with Liam and Ally the rest of the night. Why do you ask?”  

Mr. Shoop’s eyes narrowed in suspicion. He was not impressed that I answered his questions with questions of my own. I knew I was acting dangerously rash, but sitting so close to my parents’ murderer incited me momentarily making me forget my fear.

“Well, dear, I know it was a terrible night and wanted to make sure you were surrounded by friends. I want you to know we all support you.”

Liar, liar, pants on fire. A children’s rhyme came to my mind and I wished I had a match right about then. His pants looked highly flammable.


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