Sunday, April 6, 2014

My Battle with a Bee!

 Some time ago, we brought back a thick tree stump from the mountains thinking our cats would like to scratch on it. They rejected it (of course) but a group of cutter bees decided it was a great place to make a home.  These terrifying large bees only bite but they’ll scare the crap out of you anyway. The problem was their home cut off my walkway to get to my planters so I couldn’t work in my yard. 

For a while we coexisted. I worked in the garden when they were out and they didn’t bite me.  The other day, I’d had enough. I wanted to plant spring flowers. I wanted to clean the leaves up from my planters and the little varmints literally came at me any time I got close to their “stump”. Never mind the fact that I so graciously provided their home. Forget the fact that I’d made ever attempt to get along. I was not allowed anywhere near their home and in turn a good portion of my yard.
While sulked, I used the leave blower to blow small debris onto the grass when it hit me. I would show those bees who was boss.   

With a devilish chuckle, I pulled the leave blower and the attached extension cord across the yard watching all around me, expecting an ambush at any moment.  With my blower on high, I moved into forbidden bee territory dust and leavings swirling around my feet. So far, so good. Then all at once, a monstrous black bee came directly at me.  I screamed like a little girl and raised the only weapon I had, the powerful leaf blower. When the strong flow of air hit the bee, he tumbled backwards(literally) and disappeared into a vine.  I looked side to side ready for more when the same bee came at me again buzzing like the devil of all bees. I raised the blower again and like a wisp of dandelion he blew away.  Believe it or not, he came at me again, but this time I chased him as he blew away making sure, he couldn’t come back. I try not to think about how silly that looked.
Whahaha, I was all powerful. I went back to take on the hive. My blower whirred with threatening power as I aimed it at their stump.
“Anyone else want to take a shot at me?” I said aloud realizing that not only did I look crazy with my big green blower, I sounded a little loony too.

I stood next to the stump now, brazen in my counter attack. The hive was silent, their strongest warrior long gone.  Finally, I turned off the blower. The silence was heavy as I listened for the hostile hum of more bees. Not one came out to fight. Yep, I’d won the battle. Since then, I’ve been out in my garden and haven’t been bothered, but I keep my weapon close. I may have won the battle, but somehow, I know the war is not over.

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