Monday, March 10, 2014

No I'm Not Dead

Being an author is possibly the coolest job ever We hang out in our pajamas living in a fantastical world in our minds. Unfortunately, and as much as I wish we could, you cannot bring you into our minds with us to watch the process unfold so us authors have to surface periodically and connect.  That’s what I’m doing today, letting you know I’m not dead and I’m super excited to tell you what I’ve been working on.  I miss you guys, you know! 

So, I’ve completed the manuscript for the first book in a trilogy. I’m calling it Traxx (although who knows what it will actually say on the coverJ) because it takes place in the future and everyone in society lives on homes hooked to traxx. Here’s a little blurb.

In a world designed to be black and white Jetta Banks is drowning in gray.

Like everyone else in the country of Eritrea, seventeen year old Jetta Banks lives on the traxx relocating in her traveling home (homeshield) every two months. With her family’s life firmly entrenched in the government sanctioned Back to Basics principles, Jetta knows nothing about pre-pandemic technology long since removed from society and only communicates face to face with her neighbors and friends.  Her life is the embodiment of order and simplicity, yet lately she’s been fighting an inexplicable sense of restlessness.

Then she meets Montana Tanner, the blue eyed boy from the painted homeshield.

 He challenges everything she’s been taught about the rules and the rulers that made them.  Worst of all, Jetta learns that Jonathon Flint, the founder of the country’s governing body The Benevolent Eleven, is delusional and a mass murderer and the only person who has witnessed his horrific crimes firsthand is Montana’s grandfather.  By association, Jetta and her family land in the searing crossfire of a fifty year old vendetta against the Tanners and on the radar of a man who will do anything to protect his beloved Traxx society.  Despite her father’s heavy handed tactics to keep them apart , Jetta finds herself drawn into Montana’s complicated world and unwittingly, crazy in love with him.  Torn between the reality she was taught and the reality that she now faces, Jetta will have to decide whether she’ll follow her restless heart to Montana and away from her sheltered life or retreat to her rule-bound world where she and her family can be safe.

 Will Jetta be strong enough to do the wrong thing for all the right reasons?

I’ll be posting chapters soon and will keep you up to date on what is coming up nextJ  Thanks for stopping by.

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