Tuesday, December 3, 2013


No one tells you that when you become a parent, you get the joy and the pain of experiencing your younger years all over again!
A few weeks ago, my son went through the experience of his first real break up. As I watched his heart break, I felt my own twist and contort with a heartache that was new and yet so familiar.  His break up reminded me that we all face rejection, especially in High School. I wanted to tell him then that I understood because when  I was a brand new High School graduate I went through the worst break up ever!
My boyfriend and I were inseparable for two eternal years. Then, only a few weeks after graduation, it happened.
He’d gone on vacation with his family to San Diego, California. I’d stayed behind to work. Three days went by with no communication.  We’d never gone three days without talking. We rarely went three hours.  I couldn’t help but worry. Early the next morning jumped in my car and drove to San Diego.  When my sweetheart came out to meet me, he stunk of alcohol and something else I couldn’t quite put my finger on.  In the salty morning air, he broke up with me.
I drove home, my heart shattered in a thousand pieces. What teenage tragedy! What gut-wrenching drama…but it gets worse.
After a terrible night of trying to make sense of my boyfriend’s sudden change of heart, I got back in the car and drove back to San Diego to try and fix things. In my na├»ve heart, I reasoned that our love was so strong that we could work it out. Yep, I was a teenagerJ
I was shocked again when he wouldn’t even come out to talk to me. OUCH!  I later learned that he’d met another girl on vacation and been unfaithful.  MEN!
Like all heartbroken teens, I did  heal and go onto love again and my sons and my daughter will too. He even wanted to get back together several months later. Like that was going to happen.
How about you?  What was your first break up like? I hope it was better than mine!
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