Sunday, November 10, 2013

A Very Personal Ovation to Our Veterans!

I can’t let this weekend pass without dedicating a blog to the AMAZING Veterans that make our freedom possible here in the United States.

Like many of us, I have Grandfathers that are World War 11 Vets. Maury Trask and Keith Ainsworth. They’ve both passed on now but their legacy of honor and strength continues to touch my life.

Both of these men come from a generation often dubbed “The Greatest Generation”. This name is more than fitting for the veterans I’ve known from the World War 11 era. 

They are a generation born of adversity and made great by overcoming hardship.   They faced trying economic times and years of war leaving them separated from the ones that they loved the most. 

Many in this generation showed us what commitment really is. Before and after the wars, they stayed married for fifty plus years to their sweethearts, choosing to accept that relationships take work and with that work, love grows even stronger. 
My own grandparents were an example of this dedication and hard work not just in their relationships but also in their careers after the war.  Steady, hardworking, and generous are all words I could use to describe my Veteran grandfathers and so many other veterans that I've come across in my life.

In the end, there are insufficient words to describe the gratitude that I feel for all Veterans in all eras that protect my freedom and yours.  Still, I want to try to express my gratitude.   

To my grandfathers and the men and women that serve and protect my beautiful country of the United States, I say thank you…a million times thank you. You are remembered today and everyday that I continue to breath!  In my family, you will never be forgotten and always, always, you are in our prayers.

Thanks for stopping by. Who are the Veterans in your life and how does their example affect you?

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