Friday, May 3, 2013

Bannana Nanna Fo Fanna

Did you ever play the name game when you were little. Everyone would fit their name into the most ridiculous rhyme ever made up, leaving you to wonder did this tradition start in a room full of drunk people?  I played that game. My childhood name sounds like…Angie, Angie, bo banji, bo nanna fanna fo fangi, mi my mo mangy, ANGIE. 

We had loads of fun making fun of our names, but names are actually serious business. They define us. Ever meet a Brittney or Tiffany and you think to yourself, that name just fits! What about a  guy named Mo that works on cars and has grease under his nails all the time? Was he born a grease monkey named Mo or did he grow into his name?  

Yah, names are a big deal and I guess that’s why I’m still struggling to find the perfect name for my next book (publication date June 15, 2013).  So far, here are some of the names we played with to describe Jesse and Brin’s awesome story.

Beautiful Deception

When I woke Up

My Sister’s Life

IN her shoes

What I didn’t know

Life Unraveled

A do over
Reality check

 Last I checked, my publisher and I are top of this problem (at least that is what I tell myself) and at this very moment a mock book cover is well under way with a perfect name. What name will that be, I guess we’ll both find out soonJ


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