Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Living with Nerds

When we walk down the aisle, we think we know our spouses pretty well. I knew my hubby Matthew was bright and driven. I knew he was kind and a little square, but I didn’t know I was marrying a complete computer geek. 
Since our nuptials, I have given birth to two mini Matthews, hence mini nerds. Sure, they are their own version of geekiness, one hiding his social awkwardness better than the other, but let’s face it, without my daughter to moderate things, I’d be swimming in a sea of electronic cords and talking in a language using words like terabytes  and cloud computing at the dinner table….all the time. 
At my house, we actually have our own server called the NAS(sounds like NAZ)…and at different points, my kids have had their own server to host games with other kids in the neighborhood. YAH….GEEEEKY!
But the thing is, living with nerds has it’s perks. For one my husband can fix any electronic device. Nerds are so smart and capable and let’s face it, we can’t live without them in our tech savvy world.  Also, very often the nerdy types, both admitted nerds and closet nerds alike LOVE TO READ. One of my sons was in a gifted program and his teacher often said, “If you want to punish a gifted kid, don’t take away recess, take away their books!”  At my house, getting a book is a treat and taking away books is definitely a punishment. 

Of course, there are other awesome things about surrounding yourself with super smart people (which is code for nerds and geeks of all varieties.) They're fun to talk to and always teaching you something but my favorite thing, the thing I love the most is how the geeks in our life keep us on our toes, always inspiring and challenging us. 

Do I like living with nerds?  I do and I highly recommend them to anyoneJ.    

Thanks for stopping by today. Leave me a comment and let me about who inspires you in your life.

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