Monday, February 27, 2012

How an Author Sees the World

Since publishing my first book and writing a second book, Shackled, that will be published in a few months, I have noticed a strange transformation in my view of the world.  Let me give you a few examples.

I am introduced to someone I have never met before.  The conversation might go like this.  “Hi, my name is Kayla” and my prospective new friend smiles as she speaks, then she waits patiently for me to respond.

In my head, several things are going on.  One, I notice her hair color right off.  It’s blond, but with subtle highlights.  I think, Her color is beautiful, how would I describe it..Strawberry blond, no that’s too bland. It has more depth than that.  MMM, I just can’t find the words.  Maybe I’ll look up some ideas on the internet when I get home.

While she waits, I notice the restaurant behind her. It is quaint, with bright red booths and retro posters on the wall.  I’ve been trying to figure out where the sorcerer should reveal himself to his daughter in the book I’m currently writing.  I begin imagining the father getting angry when it doesn’t go well, breaking all the windows, people ducking beneath their flimsy metal and laminate table for some semblance of protection.  That could be good, I think to myself and I file away the idea to be used later when I can round up both my computer and a few uninterrupted minutes at the same time..  I suddenly remember I am talking to someone and bring my mind back to the conversation.

“I’m Angela,” I say quickly to fill in what I’m sure was a longer than a normal pause.  Kayla smiles and in my mind, I take off my writer’s hat and continue trying to have a normal conversation, at least until a gorgeous guy walks through the front door and I think…mmm, he’d be a great love interest.  

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