Sunday, January 29, 2012

An Author's Inspiration

Since publishing my first book, I find that I am ask one question repeatedly, "Where do you get your inspiration?" I think all authors are ask that question and it is a good question, especially since the answer is so different for everyone. Today, I am answering that question on paper. I am opening myself up and sharing a very personal part of what has carved me, influenced me and inspired me to write. When I was just a little girl, not even four years old yet, my mom died from cancer. She was only 29 years old, a baby in the grand scheme of things. Now you might think that I was so young that her death was inconsequential to me, but that is not true. I have been told many times by people who knew her well that she was an amazing woman, kind and loving, a teacher of children and most important to me, a good mother. While her meaningful life does inspire me to be a good person, it was her untimely death that has profoundly impacted me the most. You see, by her absence(and her absence is felt every day) I am keenly aware that each day our heart beats and we are with the ones we love, we are given a gift. Each day we wake up, we have another day to do good, to watch the sun set, to choose happiness. So, I guess, because of her death, I feel the precious and fleeting nature of time. So how does this relate to what inspires me to write. When you appreciate the gift of life, you savor it more. You take in life greedily, learning and chasing your dreams, because, one day, your time may be spent. I don't want to have regrets, so I savor my time and dream up stories inspired by the people around me, both those who are living and those who have already passed on. What inspires me when I write, the simple wonderment of being alive.  Now, the question I want to leave hanging out there for you, is what inspires you?  

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