Sunday, October 30, 2011

My tech support

I want to tell you about my support staff.  They include my webpage  and blog designer, my twitter specialist and my all around tech support guy who does everything else that I have no idea how to do myself. Who is this highly trained and brilliant staff.?  My amazing family.  My husband, Mr. Multi-talented and super smart has worked tirelessly to help me get ready for the publishing of my first book by creating and teaching me how to manage my webpage and blog, and for his time and patience, I am so grateful.  He is the half of me that I never knew I was missing and I would be lost without him.  Then there is my two equally as brilliant sons who manuver their way around the computer and internet like it's child's play.  I am shamefully envious of their talent and learn from them constantly.  I also want to mention my daugter.  Even though she only eight years old, she is a tough editor and quick to find inconsistancies in my work.  I would love to post a picture of this crew, but I also have to be careful and respect their privacy.  This is the internet after all. So next time you see my blog or web page you'll know how lucky I am.  I hope your family is as cool as mine.  Thanks for visiting.

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