Sunday, October 16, 2011

The charms of a small town

I love small towns!  This is our cabin nestled in a quiet neighborhood of a town with the grand population of 3,000 give or take a few people.  For the last few days I have been here, writing and eating.  I dont' know why but it seems like all we do is eat when we go to the cabin.  We made pizza, we roasted Starbursts....yes I said starbursts.  It is delicous, but I digress-again. Like most small towns, this unnamed town is the most charming place on earth.  Not that I have anything against big cities.  Big cities offer tons to do and see but nowhere but a small town can you go into the store and make friends with the clerk that is helping you out. For example, one day I went into buy some paint from the local hardware store.  Of course in small towns everything is smaller.  It's like someone took home depot and turned it into a shrinky dink and then placed on the main road with the other six miniture businesses.  So I give the guy behind the counter my paint chip and while he's mixing the paint, we start to chat.  Before long, he confesses that he is color blind.  Now remember this is the guy mixing my paint.  I also learned that he's our neighbor and dutifully feeds all the feral cats in the neighborhood, among other tidbits about his life.  All this while my paint(who knows what color it will end up) is mixing.  Only in a small town, where trust is given out like candy on Halloween and strangers become friends in one conversation.  Let's face it, people in small towns are their own kind of quirky and wonderful at the same time, but who are we to talk. Up there in the White Mountains they call us folks that live in the big cities.....wait for it....citiets(city-ets) you know, like idiots, but with a c.  It''s all right, I still love them.  Just a sidenote, I worked on my second book like crazy up there. Shackled, is moving along and I am so excited to share it with you. 

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